Splinter Cell: Conviction Site Updated

Ubisoft has updated the official site for Splinter Cell: Conviction, adding new information about the game.

The site now features two new sections: Man of Conviction and Features and includes new details on characters and equipment as well as gameplay footage.

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Fyzzu3276d ago

Some good stuff in there, though I'm starting to wonder whether the Mark and Execute feature might make things a little easy. Oh well - can't wait 'til April either way :)

AndyA3276d ago

Yeah, it's a concern definitely. I like the way you can mark targets for your partner in co-op though.

StanLee3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Mark and Execute isn't a tool you always have. It's a reward you receive for playing the game a certain way and it wont always be a tool you have at your disposal. This keeps the player from relying too heavily on the feature and even saving Mark and Executes for those times when he might be outnumbered or overwhelmed.

Maticus3276d ago

Ooo EMO backpack? Just what I've always wanted. How handy one of those would be at work.

AndyA3276d ago

An EMO backpack would be better. Contains razor blades and My Chemical Romance CDs.

3276d ago