Is Project Natal's success guaranteed?

Gamerzines examines the launch of Project Natal.

"Considering very few games have been announced that will utilise this technology the estimates seem extremely generous. The analysts predict that more than half of Xbox 360 owners will purchase Natal within the first two years of launch. We're slightly more sceptical than that."

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sinncross3185d ago

The biggest problem with the Natal atm is that we still have no tangible evidence that games similar to Gears of War and Halo can be used with the device without the use of an actual controller.

Controller-less gaming sounds great in theory, but in application how workable is it? Once MS shows this off then yeah I may be sold, but until then I'm a little sceptical of how much Natal can actually do.

velcry3185d ago

Oh, wait, Sony please don't censor me.

PLAYSTATIONGENRATION3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

They must not know there Xbox fans very well...I gather less than 1 fourth..Are truly interested in Natal..Even I wanted to just see it in action but I wouldn't buy it... I would rather just use the 360 controller the worlds best controller unless we talking fighting games....(sorry playstation guys)

xabmol3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Why are you sorry?

That's your OPINION, and you are entitled to it.

clonerz3185d ago

if most people would look at what you get for your money the playstation 3 should be the only choice. I for one am so tired of M$ claiming this or that. They sort of remind me of Fox news and the crazy right winger relig bible banger type. Constantly banging on there chest we are the best thing since sliced bread polarizing b/s . Im sorry i went off topic my opinion on natal is this lets see if ms has kiosks set up wit natal like nintendo has with the wii that will be a good sign of its true functionality and then there are the games. The jury should be out on this one until it launches and you can try before you buy.

xabmol3184d ago

"They sort of remind me of Fox news and the crazy right winger relig bible banger type."

I totally agree with that. Very odd to see someone stuck in a sort of "Orwellian dream state."

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WildArmed3185d ago

Here's a thought...
lets wait for 'Project Natal' to get a real name.. wait for E3.. and then come out with all these articles..
coz we all know that we are going to get the same articles after MS shows off Natal at E3 and stuff.. after every time they show up..
a few articles of how natal fails or is the 2nd coming will pop up o_o
I do wish we would get more news, then opinion/speculation pieces on N4G -- though Reviews and previews are highly welcome

green3185d ago

bubbles for having some common sense.

Guido3185d ago

Without opinion pieces, N4G would be cut down to a fourth its size in submissions.

As for Natal, it is an MS product and will appeal tot he hardcore for the sake of support and for those that have an Xbox 360, they will buy one when the price is right but the project will not see real success until he next released MS console. I predict that what we see in Natal this time around will be more beta than anything and what we get now will come in a more perfected package next time around.

bjornbear3185d ago

although I'm not terribly thrilled by Natal or any of the motion sensing business, I think any speculation should be halted, or done pragmatically.

I think both over-hyping and bashing articles are pointless (no matter how fun they might be xD)

fryday3185d ago

We don't have to wait for E3.

The MS Xbox Event, X10, will take place on 11th of February.

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The Meerkat3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

All it needs is one must have game and 'Bam.....'

blitz06233185d ago

In terms of sales, yea. Bots will buy anything MS. In terms of games, it has potential, but I honestly don't see 'hardcore' games coming to Natal.

dtrain213185d ago

Of course it's guaranteed...I put that on my puppy

Omega43185d ago

All MS needs to do is advertise it well and it will succeed. If the mainstream media are so easily hyped by it the causal market should buy it in droves.

MS just needs a cheap price and just one game which demos how Natal is so much different from the Wii and then they're in

mastiffchild3185d ago

While I expected you to think this was going to be massive I didn't think you'd be so silly as to imagine ALL you have to do for "casual" gamers to fork out for both Natal and a 360 is a few ads! Seriously, they need it not to be different to Wii but just as social and with better games FOR THAT crowd. They al;ready have a wii and if they don't hav had a go on a mates. Thinking that MS(or Sony) can walk in with just a bit of marketing and people will jump through hoops for the more expensive option is, I fear, VERY premature.

It neeeds to be seen to work BETTER than the Wii and be just as much fun for gamers/casuals and, most of all has to have superior games to a console with a vast catalog of motion control games. Casuals aren't going to have time for more than one system(and won't pay for another just to look pretty under theTV either)to game on and I think you'll see the media are a lot more keen on Natal right now than any current or potential Wii buyers and I think a lot of impressive hands on sessions with the public are what's needed to show everyone it works as much as anything,and whether it's as much fun is another matter entirely. I imagined the Wii would have had a lot more games where the controls were amazing but it hasn't happened in all that time, not really, so what makes us think MS or Sony will get devs doing it perfectly right off the bat. The other thing about Natal is tht some of the mooted uses won't be either as convenient as the buttons that do the jonb now or, in my eyes, any more fun. Seriously, there's loads of work left to do as while Natal and Wands fill pages of posts here on N4G elsewhere IDK if many people are bothered.And all the while Wii keeps on selling you know makes it a smaller and smaller market of casual gamers even looking for a console.

IMO the VAST majority of Natal peripherals will be sold to we 360 owners who alreaady invested in the console and a gret nymber of us, as you well know, don't give a crap about motion controls or even see them as the enemy of gaming. Not as simple as made out, not fopr me anyway and I just don't think folk are as easily suggestable as you do either.

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