Cheap Tricks: "Standby" continues it segments on cheap tricks. This week they talk about "standbying"

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Ichabod134141d ago

i'm hoping that halo 3 won't be plagued by the standyers...shouldn't be. Bungie is working hard to prevent it

Lyberator4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

Useless article. At least the guy could have talked about what is being done.

nobizlikesnowbiz4141d ago

But I didn't know that they were trying to prevent it. I mean I know they hate it, but how do you prevent someone from pressing a physical button sitting in front of them?

Ichabod134141d ago

I agree there...I mean they can't there. But detection is the key now. :P Bans go out much faster this time around. Every match is also recorded, so surely that will play a factor for cheaters too.

let's hope :P

nobizlikesnowbiz4141d ago

One can only pray...

Thats why I quit playing H2 and went to Gears...too many cheaters.

Ichabod134141d ago

well Gears is a game I quit playing because of the glitchers/cheaters and children online. :P Seemed to me that crowd from H2 went straight to Gears. :P

zonetrooper54141d ago

I still played Halo 2 even though it was full of cheaters, that is what cheaters want to do. Don't let them do that, enjoy the game and report them. If everyone actually decided to report the cheater then there will be less of them. There will always be cheating but keep on playing the game if you enjoy it, don't let them cheaters ruin it for you.

Ichabod134141d ago

yeah good comment. I just hope it's less frequent in halo 3 :P

nobizlikesnowbiz4141d ago

I see you point, but it's no fun playing a game that 50% of the time your staring at a blue-screen and then bam your fun to me.

dachiefsman4141d ago

I left Halo 2 because of cheaters and the lil annoying [email protected] <they think since they have a mic it gives them empowerment to be loud and disruptive>

I didn't see many of these issues with the beta plus you got the a-hole button <thank god!>

MoonDust4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

and you will never get matched up with them ever again. Enough bad feedback and they get banned.