Shadow of Destiny Out Now on PSP writes: "Shadow of Destiny, a popular adventure title first released on the PlayStation 2 in 2001, is now available on the PlayStation Portable platform. The game retails for $29.99 and, while it does not feature any new enhancements to..."

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callahan093186d ago

No way! Totally want. This game was like the pre-cursor to Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain in my opinion. Though seems like Heavy Rain is a bit more Shadow of Destiny-ish than Indigo Prophecy was. I loved this game on PS2, I really hope they bring the PSP version to NA so I can play through it again.

Eric Cartman3186d ago

Exactly callahan09, I have been saying that all along. Shadow of Destiny (or Memories, in some areas) did it first. It didn't have any fights or stuff like that, just one engaging adventure with many choices that could result in a total of 8 different endings. Indigo came after it but became more popular. Indeed, I also think that Heavy Rain and Shadow of Destiny are more similar than SoD and Indigo.

*Spoliler* It had its moments like when you could scare aways some grannies in the 1500s by your cellphone or lighter when they were trying to punish the goth chick (or something like that).

All in all, it was one of the most creative games on the PS2 and it was one hell of an adventure. Whatever happened to that Konami. :(

Dannycr3186d ago

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., announced today that the classic adventure title, Shadow of Destiny, is now available for PSP®(PlayStation®Por table) system in North America.

AWESOME!!!. Buying this ASAP. Is not in the store yet. Just checked it from my PS3 and my PSP and it's not there. I hope it's true

callahan093186d ago

Wow, you're right! Didn't even notice where it said North America. I checked Amazon and they've got it for 30 bucks! I'll buy it when it's on the PSN store.