Game Engines that Changed the Industry

Throughout game development history, studios have relied on the work done on previous titles to give them a leg up on the creation of a new title. By reusing assets and tools from earlier games, developers are given a shortcut and can spend more time generating the gameplay mechanics and art assets of their new offering. The practice of reusing game engines or even licensing game engines is one that often doesn't go noticed by gamers, which is really the desired effect.

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MK_Red4140d ago

RenderWare is my favorite engine since my 2 of my favorite series (Mortal Kombat and Burnout) use it. Also, its the most flexible engine ever. From Madden to Fifa, From NFS to Midnight Club, From Black to GTA, it ROCKS! And the Burnout Revenge on 360 uses the old engine but the game looks awesome. Cant wait for new engine from Criterion and their Burnout 5.

Lucidmantra4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

The fact that they chose QUAKE over BUILD to include on that list makes me wonder but....

They did put SCUMM so they did some work, it is a good list and even though SOURCE is on there they should have put HL1 ENgine on there not Source because how many mods are out there for the HL1 engine. People were out there creating free content that got snapped up by the company (Counter Strike...etc.) SOURCE is a great engine but they did alot of things with the HL1 engine including games that were not even FPS games.

just my 2 cents. But a good read all the same.

CAPS LOCK4140d ago

has really helped the industry develop. I mean the games are all different and were different genres but the engine was optimized differently on each game, which made the games look so different...

MK_Red4140d ago

Agreed. RenderWare has been one of the best and most usefull engines of all gaming.
Also Lucidmantra has good point. The list lacks BUILD!???