Crysis 2: Interview with Faruk Yerli about killer games, the location of Germany and Free Radical

Faruk Yerli, one of the Crytek founders, said in an recent interview, that Free Radical is working on Crysis 2. But he did not say on which part of the game they are working. More details over there.

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Blasphemy3239d ago

Wow that is kinda funny I don't know why though.

Dutch Boogie3239d ago

As long as it doesn't turn into another Haze i'll be happy.

vhero3238d ago

Wow 1 bad apple and you judge them eh?? Free radical are one of my fave developers as I loved timesplitters 2 its one of my fave games of all times. Nothing but fond memories. Not to mention they are also the team who created Goldeneye and Perfect Dark 64 when working for RARE.