Rumor: Platinum Games working with Epic Games?

Platinum Games next title may have something to do with Epic Games.

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Rikitatsu3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Keep Epic out of my PlatinumGames!

Then again, I REALLY doubt this is true, since the title is is being published by SEGA and was in development from late 2007

maskedwarrior3184d ago

Epic and Platinum co-developing Project Needlemouse?

FamilyGuy3184d ago Show
SilverSlug3184d ago

Epic does not flow with Platinum's style.

-MD-3184d ago

That sale has been going for a few days now but thanks for the reminder I really need to pick one up.

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Tesselation 3603184d ago

please please please stop the good bombastic news that keep rollin in. I can't keep up seriously. My savings are gonna be spent on 360 stuff this year and gonna be poor man again but as long as me happy i dont mind.

1 step at a time with the news please. My head is gonna explode.

Rikitatsu3184d ago

No one said its a 360 exclusive, stop jumping to conclusions.
It might be a Wii exclusive for all we know.

-MD-3184d ago

Who said anything about it being exclusive? He just mentioned the 360, Epic has sided with the 360 this gen so it's safe to assume if this rumor is true that the game will be on 360.

SilverSlug3184d ago

It is a Platinum Game. Might be using the Epic Unreal 3 engine (with a new update) for all we know.

VegaShinra3184d ago

It could also not be true at all. Face it CliffyB has always been a smartass and his comment doesn't seem like it has anything to do with the PG announcement. Wow GK capitalized Epic maybe he did that because the game will be epic. doesn't mean Epic Games has anything to do with it.

This is reaching at straws IMHO

OmegaSlayer3184d ago

Marcus Fenix skin for Bayonetta!

OmegaSlayer3184d ago

LOL at the sense of humor of who disagree.
You're pathetic, get a life, get laid, play football in the middle of an highway, pull out that pillar in your @$$ and have a laugh!

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The story is too old to be commented.