Mass Effect 2 DLC Issue Workarounds

BioWare has offered up some workarounds and solutions for issues players have been run into with Mass Effect 2. Specifically focusing on the Cerberus Network and DLC for both PC and Xbox 360 versions.

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Pumbli3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

I know a great workaround to avoid all these DLC problems you've hearing of Bioware.

Include the stuff in the game and forget about all DLC!


Just make it free.

shopsmartash3402d ago

the reason they do this is to give a bonus to those people who actually bought the game, rather than illegally downloading it. I'm sure someone will make this available to torrenters too, but for now it's meant to be a perk...if it worked lol

LONEWOLF2313402d ago

Too late for that shop!
As to what ive read both PC and 360(Jtag) DLC are already up for grabs.
Bastids dont waste anytime....anyways anyone know when the goggles and the sniper rifle will be available?

Pumbli3402d ago

I mean more like, why not just include it in a patch or something?

catguykyou3402d ago

I wasn't crazy about the idea at first until I realized something. I have Dragon Age on PC. I have Mass Effect on 360. I had to get Mass Effect 2 on 360 so I could use my previous save files. I thought because of this, I would miss out on the Dragon Armor but when I linked my EA account with my Live account/ cerebus network, it could see I had Dragon Age and gave me the armor. So I got two sets of new armor and a new mission (crash site) all for free. Call me a happy camper. :)

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Enate3402d ago

Its already available to torrent sites the Cerberus network served no purpose in that regard. I spent two hours on the phone with EA yesterday which the majority of that was being on hold just to get my PC ME2 CE Cerberus network code to work. An now I'm wondering well if I uninstall the game an reinstall at a later date how in the world will I get back onto the Cerberus network. Considering there is no place to log in it only says redeem when you click on the network.

interrergator3402d ago

my code doesnt even work period theres a lower case letter in mine which shouldnt be

BeaArthur3402d ago

Mine actually worked just fine but I think it's because my EA and Live accounts use the same email address. EA is stupid, just because they want hits on their website (or whatever the reason they decided to make this process so convoluted). If they had made the codes redeemable via Live instead of trying to make them accessible through the website this whole cluster could have been avoided.

R6ex3402d ago

I'm frustrated by missing codes & items as well!

Captain Tuttle3402d ago

Knock on wood (360 version). What's really annoying is that Shepard doesn't take his helmet off when he's wearing the Terminator Armor and the Dragon Armor. It really breaks the immersion. You can tell the EA was in charge of the pre-order bonus stuff...they just didn't take the details into account.
It's too bad because those armors are pretty good. Thankfully I didn't pay for them.

Great game otherwise.

BeaArthur3402d ago

I had the exact same issue. I don't use either armor because they have no customization.

catguykyou3402d ago

I noticed that too. Only time it ever really broke the moment for me was when Shepard was buying a drink and drinking it through his helmet. Other than that, the only problem I have with the game is the probing for metals....I have like the OCD issue where if there is a side mission and I can not easily ignore it, I have to do it. Every time I see a new planet, I have to probe it till the resources are depleted. I haven't even gotten to a part in the game where this task is explained/ what these things are used for. I get the hint they are used for research but at what point, I don't know.

interrergator3402d ago

i have a problem getting the armor idk how to do it on my 360