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JokesOnYou4374d ago

Lost Planet + Gears of War.....seems Capcom and Epic are good friends, Capcom seems to love showing 360 some extra love too. Micro has done an excellent job this gen with 3rd party support.


GUNS N SWORDS4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

gears of war cast riding in mechs, this is going to be very interesting.


"gears of war cast riding in mechs, this is going to be very interesting."

ps3 gamers- "NO it isn't, we just got a gimped version, bayonetta all over again, platinum games suck, capcoms sucks, bayonetta sucks, and now lost plaent 2 fvcking sucks even more."

there, it's done. now you know what to expect.(or what ps3 gamers will try to ovoid on saying now.)

The Meerkat4374d ago

Provided they have Gears of War controls it should be good.
If they have lost planet controls it will not be as good.

peterdawa4374d ago

MGSR THE HD VERSION = extreme childish behaviour

R2D24374d ago

should allow Marcus and Dom to appear on the PS3 version as well (As long as they keep the Gears controller the same) - Think about it, If your a PS3 only owner and you get to play 1 OR 2 levels as Gears characters on your PS3 and start to like the feel of the character - then you might want to try out or buy Gears 3 when it is relased.

At the guy asking what are Gears doing on the planet - use your imagination, I am sure that the Gears have advance ships that can fly into space and maybe the found out where those dam Locus came from and decided that to end the war you have to distroy where they mutiply - Could be that they got lost along the way.

I would have loved to see MC from Halo on that planet - he would kick some arse on that planet. It would fit in too cause we dont know what happend inn the end of HALO 3.

R2D24374d ago

on the GEARS characters....So help me god.

Baka-akaB4374d ago

@"MGSR HD" (what an insult to the game btw)

A pity people had access to the demo already on ps3 and saw the game running fine .

Better luck trolling next time

StanLee4374d ago

Probably just coop and multiplayer skins that will be available as DLC. I'll wait until it's announced how much it's going to cost before getting exciting.

THE MAX SPEED 214374d ago

Wow that was a crazy trailer. I might put LO2 at the top of my to have list.

Nikuma4374d ago

That was pretty sick. I'm guessing that the Gears characters are going to be playable on the 360 only?

baum4374d ago

The only one losing sales from the PS3 side is Capcom. If they are giving incentive to 360 owners to buy Lost Planet 2 (maybe the game can't stand on its own legs?), then they could be just as smart and do a similar move for PS3 owners, just like Namco did with soul calibur.

Who would celebrate the fact that gamers from another console get a "gimped" version? Bitter fanboys.

Rush4374d ago

I love your complete double standards running around shouting words like bitter fanboys when your a huge one yourself.

Do you ever stop to think how pathetic your being or doesn't that cross you mind?

darthv724374d ago

On next weeks episode of Dead Rising...Kratos.

I like this whole cross character game thing...vader/yoda in soul calibur. Snake in smash brothers brawl. It could get interesting.

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AliTheBrit194374d ago

Can anyone explain why this is happening?

I dont get how the 2 universes can meet in any way

Is it a prank? like the whole MGS4, Snake dressed up as Assassins Creed Altair thing.

StanLee4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

Dude, I really think it's just coop and multiplayer skins that you can purchase as DLC and has no bearing on the game's overall context. The two worlds aren't colliding or crossing over. It's just a marketing ploy by Microsoft to draw attention to it's version of a game that is now multiplatform.

ThanatosDMC4374d ago

It's just marketing. It wont affect the game since itThe game should still be awesome for co-op and fans of the first game. Day one for me!

Bazookajoe_834374d ago

I wonder what ps3 will get, im hoping for helghast, snake, drake and nathan.

morgle4374d ago

Was going to pick this up for ps3, but i'm going xbox 360 route after this news! I'll go PS3 if it snake is one of their characters though!!

commodore644374d ago

snake is in the retirement home, isn't he?


Bazookajoe_834374d ago

He probably is, but that doesnt mean he´s not the coolest gaming character ever

solidt124374d ago

I love both franchises but I think this is stupid. How in the world did Dom and Marcus end up on this planet?

4Sh0w4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

So you like both games and these games both feature grotesque alien life forms which burst out of the ground, you kill them with chainsaw machine guns, exploding laser guided crossbows & mechs, fuel canisters, etc, while trying to save the planet & the human race yet you say:

"I think this is stupid. How in the world did Dom and Marcus end up on this planet?"

lol, How long have you been playing games? I mean its not too much of a leap to imagine how this is possible, these are videogames, remember? Niether Gears or Lost Planet storylines are super realistic, I can think of so many different *excuses just sitting here of how the two worlds could meet, all would make perfect sense considering both games background storylines. Its not like trying to have them cameo in COD or Battlefield Bad Company.

ThanatosDMC4374d ago

It's just fan service which for the most part is always a good thing. I'm betting they're gonna have more skins like MC, Mass Effect characters, Megaman, Frank, etc.

I just hope all these customization would mean a huge game. Lots of weapons, lots of enemies, hundreds of missions, and hopefully not the same map over and over again like Monster Hunter series. Though ive spent 900+ hrs on the franchise.

R2D24374d ago

and throw Rico in there as a baddie so I can spray him with an entire clip.

Aquanox4374d ago

I was thinking of who could fill the Ps3 version. Kratos + Sackboy? Ratchet & Clank?

I don't think many people know who the hellgast are. At least it would never have such a big impact for sure.

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