Are Yakuza 4's Girls Not Sexy Enough? Two Hostesses Are Taught How To Be "Sexy"

Noa Mizutani, a 20-year-old ballet teacher from Nagoya, and Chihiro Ikki, a 20-year-old student from Shiuzoka, are two of the women who won a competition to appear as hostesses in Yakuza 4. But are they not sexy enough? Apparently not.

In a segment on Japanese TV, old-fashioned (and scary) sex symbol Aoyana taught the two women how to be "sexy" for their upcoming roles...

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Lou Ferrigno3400d ago

dude the chick with the jeans and stripped shirt is acualy very pretty and i would like to take that out sometime to a japanese BBq maybe? HAHA ..

i know,cuz ill be thier in summer to see a NEST full of them lol ,japan trip cant come soon enuf.