Techland Review: Mass Effect 2 Hits Its Mark

TechLand writes: Commander Shepard dies. Or he doesn't. I'm doing nothing here to spoil Mass Effect 2's ending-or the beginning for that matter. Because of the vast amount of choices you can make in this exquisite second chapter in Bioware's sci-fi trilogy, your experience will almost certainly be different than mine. Paths begin to diverge immediately, particularly if you've played and held onto your completed game from 2007's Mass Effect. If you did, you have the option to carry over your customized Shepard into ME2. Some of the key actions and decisions you made in the original affect how characters in the sequel react to you. One of my favorite squad mates, a Krogan alien named Wrex, was killed during the first game (yes, I was traumatized). In ME2, when visiting his homeworld, I'm reminded that I wasn't able to save him.

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