Here's How You Promote A Game! KOEI To Throw Massive "Samurai Festival" For 80,000 People

A few days ago, it was announced that KOEI will be presenting a massive "Samurai Festival" this coming March. According to the official press conference, it is expected that an amazing 80,000 people will attend the event, which will promote the recently-released Wii title Samurai Warriors 3, celebrate samurai history and culture, and show audiences "the true spirit of Japan".

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Pozzle3403d ago

Sounds crazy. I wonder how much Koei spent on this event. XD

Yes_23403d ago

I swear Gackt is a conspiracy and Japan has fooled us all. He's really just a hollogram that various game and music companies pass around to gain publicity.

It would also explain why he hasnt aged in the last 20 years. lol