God of War Fun Facts

Kombo writes: A few factoids which may interest fans of Kratos and Sony's God of War series have emerged today. Nothing so much about the franchise's future installment, God of War III, but rather some things about past iterations.

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ClownBelt3239d ago

Kratos wannabe freaks me out on that picture.

Cyrax_873239d ago

I think it's hilarious. Freaky, but funny.

ia_studio3239d ago

kratos doesn't smile...

CrippleH3239d ago

Very true Kratos never smiles. That is just out of character right there.

badz1493239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

It's Jim Carey The Mask!

shadow27973238d ago

Wait, so they combined two articles from other sources and called it an "article"? Both of the two articles used were already posted on N4G.

This article is a joke.

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Pozzle3239d ago

That Kratos picture greatly distresses me O_O

fear883239d ago


3239d ago
likedamaster3238d ago

Awesome pic! Lmao

Quick, someone crop it and make it your avatar!

Cyrax_873238d ago

I already have on 2 other sites, haha.

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