More Mass Effect 2 fans than MAG on hand for release event at local Gamestop

Houston Video Game Community Examiner Joseph Lemke reports: "Last night, it stood fairly clear what gamers were after during the release event at a Gamestop in Southwest Houston. Most of the chatter among fans involved the latest title of Mass Effect 2. MAG, the new 256 mulitplayer, a PS3 exclusive, hardly received a mention. And just looking at the back counter proved who the front runner would be in preorder, first day sales..."

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GrandTheftZamboni3185d ago

I also heard that more people bought DVDs in the US than swimsuits in Australia in December.

Myst3185d ago

Your comment made me laugh :p.

-Alpha3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Excellent analogy. Funny too.

Flame bait articles like these make people more hostile. Not only is it not news but they are stating the obvious.

A well established and popular multiplatform game vs. a new exclusive IP on a console with the smallest user base. That's fair.

Bnet3433185d ago

I agree. We all know Mass Effect 2 will be the bigger game, but this article is just stupid on levels beyond oreos.

Butt Shingles3185d ago

MAG was just riding the coattails of Mass Effect 2. No Gamestop would have been open at midnight if MAG was launching by itself.

MAG is like the retarded kid at the orphange on launch night, it sits in the corner and cries while everyone takes home Mass Effect 2.

SilentNegotiator3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Obviously, you haven't the slightest clue what the term "riding coattails" means.
Second of all, there are few things I can think of that are less tasteful than making an analogy to mentally-challenged orphans.

Did you guys know that Modern Warfare 2 sold more than Batman: arkham Asylum last year, too?

It's crazy, never would have guessed that a well-established sequel would ever outsell a new IP (Well, "New" IP...I consider "Good Batman Games" to be something new) in a completely different genre from its own.

DatNJDom813185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

A new IP versus an established one. I wonder who will win. Mass Effect has already proved its a hell of a game. MAG still has to prove itself (just got the game and Im having a fcuking blast wit it). Flaimbait and Sony doomed, but honestly at this point whos surprised.

moneybuyseverything3185d ago

I think that's everywhere. Last night there where 200 people waiting for Me2 and 5 for MAG.

FamilyGuy3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

We all know MAG isn't for everyone so match that with the fact that there's less PS3s in america, it's a new IP versus an established one and this story screams "I'M MR. OBVIOUS!"


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cmrbe3185d ago

that MAG was more popular at my local Gamestop store. Who wants to make a story about this?.

kneon3185d ago

I went yesterday afternoon and there were 10 people in the store ahead of me. 4 bought ME2, 5 bought MAG and one returned MAG because he doesn't have an internet connection.

And there were plenty of both games behind the counter, I could have got ME2 had I wanted to.


i can see from all the mass effect hype. we also seen this kind of hype for halo 3, you know...the powerranger shooter lol

Butt Shingles3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Maybe its like Killzone 2 hype, you know, the one that controlled like you were lugging around a dead corpse and a backpack full of bricks and had no story.

ginsunuva3185d ago

Butt, you're getting Killzone mixed up with Gears.

4point7BillionLoss3185d ago

it didn't have the super accurate gun/controller lag that KZ2(real life simulator) had

redsquad3184d ago

The hypocrisy of your avatar both revolts and amuses me, so well done for that.
And congratulations on dismissing one of the greatest FPS games of this gen because you felt the urge to throw your teddy in the corner.

Yes, you've earned your "gamer" credentials sure enough!

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happy_gilmore3185d ago

i heard the crapbox has no games

i heard the ps3 exclusive, uncharted 2, is the unanimous GoTY.

chrisulloa3185d ago

I heard you're an idiot and you don't know jack sh*t about games.

Butt Shingles3185d ago

I heard someone is in denial. I think someone knows that 2009 was the only good year for the PS3. I think all you can do is use kiddy words to describe the mental thoughts that go through your illiterate skull.

ZombieRollz3185d ago

Tard above me,

LittleBigPlanet/Metal Gear Solid 4 were Game(s) of the Year for 2008. What did the 360 have?

Tito083185d ago

They advertise the game at the last minute, Microsoft, Nintendo and third party companies advertises at the right time, I guess not too many people knows about MAG!!!!

Bzone243185d ago

" I guess not too many people knows about MAG!!!!"
Most the ps3 fanboys are too busy trashing the Xbox 360 on this site than to be bothered with buying a game.

UnSelf3185d ago

if i made a pie chart showing how much of the total gaming population that the users on this site made up, how much of the pie do u think they'll cover?

SilentNegotiator3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

"Most the ps3 fanboys are too busy trashing the Xbox 360 on this site than to be bothered with buying a game"

And you're here not playing Mass Effect 2.
Funny bit of irony, eh?

agent0273185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Nice one Negotiator. Gotta love the 360 fanboys though. A bunch of hypocrites indeed.

Smokzdaizm3185d ago

and you guys aren't playing MAG the game that was gonna blow ME2 out of the water according to the SDF... hmmm how odd

mastiffchild3185d ago

Jeeesus!ME2 is the follow up to one of the best recieved games this entire generaton while MAG is a niche title(real team based FPS are very much the second fiddle to their SP offline and single player favouring brethren in the FPS world you realise)and a new IP that,imoho, has been unfairly reviewed by some sites way before you could possibly get a good idea of the expreience you'll get when you buy the sodding game.

Noone ever said it would eat, destroy or maim ME2, NOBODY. Not even those of us who enjohyed the betas. Personally, MAG has already given me a few of the very best multiplayer games I've ever played as when it falls into place it is something to behold and a far, far deeeper game than pretty much any other shooter ever played on a console. Thing is that's when you get a good squad in a side full of decent squads and decent leaders and in the beta, with people who didn't get he game or want to play it any differently from Halo or COD good sides were rare but come the full game and a xcouple of weeks for Zpper to sort any issues and the community to supl;ant itself from the likes of TF2,Warhawk and old SOCOM vets to arrive an it'll be a much easier thng to find great games in MAG, imo. A lot of early reviews run a very real risk of looking silly as hell.

As for ME2:obviously it was going to sell more. It's a sequel to the most loved console WRPG in recent memory(won't count FO3 as it's a sequel to a PC series and not as good as either of the first two games)and , serously, noone with half a brain ever thought it was going to be outsold by MAG. Christ!I honestly never saw anyone say that at all.

SilentNegotiator3184d ago

"and you guys aren't playing MAG the game"
And YOU aren't This cycle could go forever, and that's the point. He's being foolish, acting like the others aren't playing games but OBVIOUSLY HE is, lol.

I decided to pass on both MAG and ME2. I'm saving for Bioshock 2 and Dante's Inferno.

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