First ever game of MAG Domintation mode

First ever Domination mode was played
Began @ 4:10pm PST | Valor vs. SVER

Winner: SVER!

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killa916063284d ago

Best pmc in the game....period.

WildArmed3284d ago

lies o-o
I like the 4th side called R.S.V. They are going to introduce in the 3 months as DLC.
Can't wait.

(and yes I"m joking-- so don't go making an article about it)

Chubear3284d ago

You won the first battle but we'll win the war. VALOR! FTMFW! lol

FarEastOrient3284d ago

Yes Valor for the win! For my Ravin friends I can not understand French so I have no idea where you guys are going, sorry. I had to switch sides after the beta...

Foliage3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

This game is freaking awesome. Tight mechanics, absolutely no lag, and noobs with no strategy drop like flies. This is everything MW2 was supposed to be, except better and 256 players to boot.

I played it at work for a few hours... I'm getting this tomorrow morning.

Zipper is back, every other MP game just fell down a notch on the list.

Dev8 ing3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Only because everyone that preordered from gamestop got free gear that increases the armor of the S.V.E.R faction. It should ahve been Raven gear since that is the least popular faction.

And slant 6 made SOCOM Confrontation. Zipper made MAG.

Foliage3284d ago

Thanks Dev, my buddy works at Slant... I think he is brainwashing me. lol

jut4203284d ago

Get used to it guys. S.V.E.R. is out to dominate!

I wear a hockey mask to stop me from eating foods that give me acid indigestion.

S.V.E.R.: What are we going to use them for?


(corny I know, but I have no idea what made me think of it so I had to write it :) )

40cal3284d ago

I have a feeling this war will be a very long one. I cant wait to play domination mode.

sikbeta3284d ago

My GOD, this is Amazing...

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OGharryjoysticks3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

I'm not far enough to try the huge matches, but the ones I can play I've been winning most.

...I went with SVER (because I had the Gamestop code)

40cal3284d ago

I went with S.V.E.R because there recruitment video was the most appealing to me.

I have the code from GameStop, just had forgotten all about it.

Sevir043284d ago

Good on ya SVER you guys are the best.

kws10653284d ago

reviews up to this point are not credible. Review without domination? No...

-Alpha3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

That's what I was wondering.

Looks fun

Chubear3284d ago

Yeah, let people who want to play reviews play reviews. Others are having a blast on MAG.

Foliage3284d ago

Unfortunately some unfortunate people are feeling a little "green" at the moment, because they have no games to play and PS3 users are spoiled with them.

Some have no choice but to play reviews, charts, and blogs. The PS3 users can play games.

Dev8 ing3284d ago

Word of mouth is going to sell this game not reviews.

40cal3284d ago

Your damn right it is.

Tru_Ray3284d ago

I am really digging this game. It runs silky smooth. The controls are intuitive and the battles are immersive and tactical. What is not to like?

Ultimately it will be community that defines this game. Not these douchy "journalists" that get paid to tell us what we ought to like.

Valor FTMFW!!!!!!


frostypants3283d ago

As a player, why would one care if it sold 1,000,000 or 5,000,000 copies? As long as there are enough people online to populate at least a game or two of the mode you want to play, who cares what the total base is?

I'm becoming more intrigued with this game...the price point disappointed me at first. Are people starting to use their mics more? I know Warhawk got better over time and I am assuming this will too as people realize the necessity to communicate.

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ClownBelt3284d ago

Just from watching the video, the game looks really fun...

Dev8 ing3284d ago

The first game type suppresion is not that great but it only has 64 players. The modes just get better until you get domination. That is the best mode and should be relabled ultra realistic war simulator. Anyone who says it only is 256 players and nothing else haven't played domination. If MAG was only domination with 3 maps I would still pay $60 to play it.

madjedi3284d ago

@5.1 Actually suppression is very useful for breaking new players into both the control scheme and the combat in mag or for some of us a quick combat refresher course. Or a easy way to get a couple lvls into our lvl 1 character, till we go to the other game modes, entirely.

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