The Guessing Game: Microsoft's E3 Showing

Joystiq reports:

We thought we'd never live to care about another E3, but here we are, giddy as puppies with peanut butter to be preparing for our annual trip to Southern California. The corpse of E3 may be paraded about in Los Angeles as usual, but the big news has shifted to Santa Monica and boy are we without a clue.

Join us behind the cut for the first of three speculatory sessions this week as we attempt to ground ourselves in reality and think out loud about what we're hoping to see in Long Beach.

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gta_cb4192d ago

is this just for MS? i am asking as i havnt actually heard anything deffinate from either 3 of them (Nintendo, MS, Sony).

on another note just got to say i like his t-shirt lol, trying to rub it in i think haha.

Stiffler2034192d ago

no it will showcase all 3 systems, Xbox 360 first, Wii 2nd, and PS3 on day 3.

Saint Sony4192d ago

I guess there are plenty of new things coming up from devs just to keep gamers busy for the next 1-2 years = waiting on the edge of madness.

drtysouf214192d ago

Since i own all 3 consoles E3 will be an information overload for me. Can't wait!

sajj3164192d ago

MS probably will be showing Banjo and Kazooie 3, Halo RTS, probably another game from RARE. I don't think they will be doing Perfect Dark again as the 360 is just overloaded with shooters. They might do another Conker game but then again they have a platformer in Banjo. Maybe a Conker online game? That would be sweet! Fable 2 will have some spotlight also ....

Odion4192d ago

they need to create a God of War game!

PS360PCROCKS4192d ago

Thats the next exclusive their talking about from Sony, haha j/k yeah right if Sony lost that franchise they would be total morons. It's such a fantastic game.

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The story is too old to be commented.