Tekken 6 Still Holds 4 New Fighters Yet To Be Revealed

According to SDTekken, Japanese Arcade website am-net has updated their Tekken 6 page! The new content includes both images and info, some really exciting stuff for you fighting fans out there.

The biggest news is that Namco still has 4, yes we said 4, new fighters to reveal!
A new game system feature is the "Rage System." The lower your lifebar the more attack damage your character will do. There are still FOUR new characters to be unveiled! There are also collapsing stages, like in the Dead or Alive series.

Head over to for more scoop from people that Attended The Private Show

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gta_cb4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

cool, i like the idea or having the destructible levels like in the Dead or Alive series, as when i use to play Tekken i did like the game, but i got to admit liked Dead or Alive a bit more as i found myself kicking the other player off the building etc lol

Firewire4727d ago

Dude I respect your views, but talking about DOA in a Tekken post is insane! I had to hold my anger back! DOA is no way near Tekken in any way shape or form. I almost but my Iron Fist through the monitor!

Best Fighters
3.Soul Calibur

11.DOA (maybe in eleven)

SIX4727d ago

But I guess your talking about 3D fighters in which case, I would be inclined to agree with you on that.

sadiq4727d ago

man tekken is still my favorite fighting game

Jamaicangmr4727d ago

The idea of callopsable backgrounds is cool and a much needed addition to the series. However what really got my interest is the Rage system, i think that if thats done right it cold really make for some really intense fights. As it stands now for me Soul Calibur is 1st and Tekken 2nd but with these too additions Tekken just might reclaim it's top spot in my eyes.

IQUITN4G4726d ago

VF is generally regarded as the best 3d fighter and by some margin too - not Tekken.

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