Bungie + iPhones = ?

AllAboutiPhone's Matt Radford writes: "This little tidbit came to me along the grapevine. I have it on very good authority that Bungie is handing out free iPhones to all its employees. Why would the company behind Halo be giving them away to their staff?

"I'll bet there are all sorts of excellent freebies to be had working for Bungie. However, I'm sure that this move is more than just generosity on the part of the company, and that they are going to develop titles for the iPhone."

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Sanzee3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Somtimes I wonder where these stories get their credibility. The next thing you know, Halo is coming to the PS3 and Uncharted to the Xbox 360! *Cough* hiphopgamer *Cough*

blue7xx73407d ago

Right its not credible at all. Its all speculation since apparently Bungie gave all its employees Iphones so somehow that translates to a Halo game is gonna be made for the Iphone to the person who wrote the article. One thing he forgot is that MS owns the IP for Halo not Bungie so I doubt it will happen.

Qdog3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Though not by bungie, the game has striking resemblance and plays like CE. It's called N.O.V.A.(Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance)by Gameloft. I have it for my 3GS, and the game is awesome for the platform. I have no doubts though, that nobody does Halo, like the masters themselves....Bungie.

Xi3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

MS owns the Halo IP, and do you honestly think they'd put halo on the iphone when they have both windows mobile and the zune they could put halo on?

Ausbo3407d ago

Ms would never allow halo on an apple product.

Elven63407d ago

Technically that isn't entirely true as Bungie is still a Microsoft LLC meaning Microsoft own less than 50% of the company.

Bnet3433407d ago

"Ms would never allow halo on an apple product. "


Elven63407d ago

Disagrees for the truth? Ok fine, straight from the horses mouth,

"Bungie and Microsoft Corp. today announced a plan for Bungie Studios, the developers of Microsoft’s “Halo” franchise, to become a privately held independent company, Bungie, LLC, in which Microsoft will hold a minority equity interest..."

Minority meaning less than 50%

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Qdog3407d ago Show
Dorfdad3407d ago

WOW what a crappy article.. Why not toss Mario Kart or Killzone on there? Stupid people I swear the problem is Microsoft owns that IP!!!

Learn about the games before you post.

2Negative3407d ago

Bungie can make games for PS3, IPhone and whoever else they want. However Halo is owned by MS and cannot be used without Microsoft's permission. I wouldn't be surprised to see an IPhone game made by Bungie. I even think Bungie will make a game that will come out on PS3 at some point, but I highly doubt that either one will be a Halo game.

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