Novint Falcon takes flight

Engagdet has tracked this little guy from his prototype days, through a Switched On feature, and all the way up to this January's release date announcement. Now they can finally say that the Novint Falcon -- top rate purveyor of the game-controlling, force-feedbacking, wrist-snapping, virtual-textured 3D input experience -- is officially on sale...

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gta_cb4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

weird looking (the pic) how does this work? what consoles will it work with? and how much?


just read it, $189! wow! thats too much in my opinion and i wont be buying one, especially as i am pretty sure its a gaming machine on its own and wont add anything to the PS3/Wii/360.

OC_MurphysLaw4733d ago

It's for PC but I do believe it will work on the PS3 as well. Not 100% sure on this but anyway...thats how I recall it.

As for the device itself...I have ZERO clue as to how it works and am even less clear it really is going to be am improvement over existin tech.

eques judicii4733d ago

basically its a force feedback 3D mouse...

It will give you resistance as you try to mouse the cursor through 3d space... like if you were "touching" a wall or an apple in a tree the 3 arms will resist you pushing against it. It also works on 3 axis versus the 2 axis that a normal mouse works on

still not sure why the ps3 controller is called the 6 axis... there are only 3 axis in 3d space: x, y, and z... the next dimension is time... I think that sony is counting each axis twice... so positive and negative on each.

anyhow, i'd like to try out the falcon... but i'm not paying 200 bucks to do so.

Maddens Raiders4733d ago

lousy price and interaction range. 3" wtf? Don't understand the knob thingy, but I won't be getting it anyway so I guess it doesn't really matter anyway huh? I could see where they were going with the concept, unfortunately I failed to follow. =]