MAG servers are offline, Zipper currently patching the server

Zipper writes:

"Hey everyone. As you have likely seen, users cannot log into the MAG environment currently. This is because we are patching the server (started a little earlier than anticipated, so sorry for the slightly-late notice).

Gamers already playing will not be affected in the beginning, but new players cannot access the server until the patch has been completed.

Players already in the game will receive in an in-game message letting them know the servers will be restarted. After that restart, they should be up and running with the upgrades."

Note 1: The servers will be back and running with new patch by 7pm Pacific (likely earlier)

Note 2: You will not have to download anything additional for this patch, since it is a server-side fix


Servers currently back online

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LordMarius3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I thought this is why they had a Beta for

or maybe its selling better than they expected

TOO PAWNED3189d ago

excuses, game is a disaster, this is second patch in 2 days, come on now. They run beta since last year. Developing game for 4 years and then delivering glitchy, bugy broken experience, i mean get real people.
I am Sony fan, but i call it as i see it, always.

OGharryjoysticks3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

You're on crack homie. Last MAG match I had before I decided to take a break and drink some beers had a few moments as action packed as the most action packed moment in Modern Warfare 2's single player or any game I can recall. Had you seen it and been in it you'd agree there's nothing that can match MAG multiplayer. Bullets everywhere. Explosions. Total sh+tstorm war zone at the peak moment. But it never went into choas. It's been fun as hell. All the reviews complaining about lack of teamwork are full of sh+t too because there's so many players in each game that even if your squad doesn't communicate, the game's announcements tell everybody what's up so everyone can figure it out. So seriously, stop the hate because you sound like a idiot. Maybe the haters and sh+theads that that don't know any better might hit agree for you because it follows the strange internet anti MAG campaign, but I'm telling you if you believe the hate along with everything you read on the internet you're the dumbest person in the entire world.

PoSTedUP3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

no need to pick it apart though. im sure they will have the problem resolved in no time and turn this "oh, such a horrible piece of crap, game" around in a jiffy to make it play like normal, like most patches do.

edit: "servers currently back online"- oh man i think i counted to a whole 57 seconds b4 they FINALLY got there crap game together, stupid zipper and there stipud inability to work fast and efficently. ; )

chanto233189d ago

i agree with you and i'm also a loyal Sony fan. The game is just MEH!!
256 player online might be a technical feat, but the game is just not fun enough. It's lacking something and i can't figure out what it is. Currently level 7, RAVEN

Rush3189d ago

Am currently rank 12 hufflepuff and its awesome!

SilentNegotiator3189d ago

The servers were down for a little bit and it was quickly patched.
That NEVER happens with online games....ever!
Now we can commence hating it!

raztad3189d ago


Oh man, you made me so jelous. I'm waiting for my copy to arrive in a couple of days. The beta was so much fun.

WildArmed3189d ago

so.. lemme get this straight..
the server goes offline for less than 40mins and people go all crazy over it?

GJ N4G :)

40cal3189d ago

I saw the message pop up during my game, caught us all of guard.

Anyone ran into lag yet? I ran into none my first two hours fighting this war.

Oh, and I loved the recruitment videos they did for each faction.

morganfell3189d ago

Too pawned, how long did it tale to get the first Gears of War 2 patch?

OGharryjoysticks3189d ago

No lag. None. Not even for a split second.

Not even when there seemed to be a million things blowing up and shooting around me as I ducked for cover against some sandbags as the other team made a strong push to take our vehicle.

40cal3189d ago

I know its crazy. I almost cant wrap my head around it.

Delive3189d ago

I chose to pass on the game for now. I played the beta and enjoyed it, but the gripe I have it that this game had what I feel to be a limited experience for $60. I'm sure the game is great fun. The experience I had in the beta has me wanting more, but financially, there are more games I want to play than I can afford. So it boils down to: Had MAG released at $39 for an Online only game, I sop it up. It releases at $60 in a crowded window, it gets passed up until it's cheaper to buy.

I hope to see you all one day online. Until then, Have fun for me.

-Seven-3189d ago

on N4G that works from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, and has school 3 times a week - plus try fitting in your social life.

Where do you guys get the time to play all these kick a$$ games-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Chubear3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

have we forgotten about how Gear2 online was unplayable for 3weeks on launch? Have we forgotten how CoD4 you couldn't get into a game for 2hrs at a time at launch? we forgotten so quickly that a 40min update to a game that's pushing 128v128 with less lag than these games I just mentioned all on day one is really something to pick a bone about? really? lol, wow.

Keep on hating, MAG has been sold out of so many gaming stores today. that's a great sign. So many people online for hours so keep lol on gaming forums about teh reviews while gamers are actually on this 1st time ever game playing it.

Looks like PS3 gamers have largely ignored the reviews for the game and have gone out to enjoy the experience.

Pennywise3189d ago

LVL 7 S.V.E.R. This game is action packed with the fastest 128 man set ups I've ever seen. I played all night with no problems.

I'm having a hard time figuring where all the hate is coming from. Zipper did a good job.

baum3189d ago

Microsoft and Epic's failures shouldn't be used as an argument in favor of MAG. MAG should be up and running all the time, another SOCOM fiasco is unacceptable. And I don't know why everyone said that SOCOM was fine after all the patches, I bought it to a former SOCOM fan after many of the patches because many guys said it was working and it was still crap so the guy I gave it to as a present never really played again.

FamilyGuy3189d ago

This is Killzone 2 ALL OVER AGAIN?

Mixed BS reviews, many people gushing over how great it is while others (ESPECIALLY the gaming media) downplay it with excuse after excuse that don't match up at all with what the people playing it are saying.


Jake11113188d ago

I played the beta and thought Sabotage was ok... Geez... Was I wrong... This is insane!!!! This is the best first person online shooter I have ever played in my life... NO LIE!!.... I am telling you all! Get into this!!! And if you do, get into a great party group and plan games together. It is a BLAST!

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Dellis3189d ago


this is the reason why you never do Online only games, atleast

Socom had single player

Dev8 ing3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

The servers were down for the 10 minute update that they mentioned would happen yesterday. They're up now.

And I would rather they focus all their resources and making an awesome online than tack on some BS campaign like Modern warfare 2 did.

Chubear3189d ago

correction; that's why the 360 never has any online only games. What's one full online only game you can mention in the 360 library? Shadow Run? yeah, gem of a game that turned out to be

MiloGarret3189d ago

Wow, you are obsessed man.

Real Gambler3189d ago

"that's why the 360 never has any online only games"

Well, did you ever simply thought that it could be because networking wise, the 360 is not up to par?

Best online games for the 360 are still 8 VS 8 (a whoooping 16 players online at the same time). Not exactly impressive.

Gears 2: 5 VS 5
Halo 3: 8 VS 8
Shoot I think the most online players is still Perfect Dark Zero with 32 players (thanks to Rare!).

Looking at this, I do understand why Microsoft would not allow online only games : )

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SPECTER3189d ago

I have been playing all day and havent encountered any problems other than the LMGs sniping across the map. seems like they fixed every thing I ran into in the beta (freezes,no scope crosshair,couldnt move,wrong loadout)

No its not the best,coolest FPS ever but its far from broken

40cal3189d ago

I have played MAG for the past two hours and I can say that I am out of my last game and into a new one in under 5 seconds most of the time. It has been blowing my mind.

The game looks great, animations are solid, the lighting is good, the 5.1 surround sound is wonderful, and the communication seems clean and tight. Just waiting for my wife to go to bed, I scheduled myself off the next two days.

Dev8 ing3189d ago

The sounds are THX certified.

Paradise Lost3189d ago

The fact of the matter is Zipper put in so much love into this game. It's a great team based online game, and if you're saying this game "sucks" well let's just call you antisocial.

SCEA_RULES3189d ago

all these xbox fanboys are trashing this game because, they can never play it.

sack_boi3189d ago

LOL you submitted the article.

40cal3189d ago

There trashing the game based on Zipper giving everyone a heads up. When the message popped up it did not interrupt my game.

I just cant wait until the larger war starts unfolding in front of me.

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