Gamespy: No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle Review

Revisiting the deranged world of No More Heroes conjures mixed recollections. It's kind of like reconnecting with an ex that you harbor equal parts fond and sordid memories of, and realizing your relationship is still phenomenally real-- especially now that you're barely expecting it. She changed her look, caught you off-guard with a new wardrobe, and is too busy cutting right to the chase to worry about your last indelibly rocky affair. Yes, the playful mistress has returned to your blinking white wand, and she knows exactly how to press your buttons. And with that, the Wii finally has its definitive bloodthirsty action game -- and No More Heroes 2's trigger-happy perversion knows no bounds.

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dgroundwater3403d ago

Definitive stuff people. Get this game!

EvilTwin3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Just put three hours into it. Stuffed full of win.

If you loved the first game, you'll love this one. I think some of the mini-games are hit and miss (especially at the gym), but everything else is...well, NMH. It's unlike anything else.