MAG: More Than Just 256

RespawnAction: "What I am really aiming to get across here is one thing: MAG is more than just a number. The reason why I say this is because almost everything I see or read from Zipper regarding their newest First Person Shooter MAG (Massive Action Game) has to do with that magic number, 256. 256 this, 256 that, and so on is the only punch line Zipper seems to give for the game. But from my experiences, this game has so much more to offer."

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blitz06233185d ago

Tell that to those hard headed bots.
"Bu bu but 256! Flopz flopz 256!" Ahh shutup you bots don't know anything about the game

Heartbroken-Menace3185d ago

The only arguements people have against this game is a bunch of fail reviews coming from fail sources. Oh and the typical "256 playerz is teh choaz", I've played this game on Domination mode, it's not choas at all, it's very very very organized.

pimpmaster3185d ago

maybe the beta was limited but , you know the mode where its capture 2 points at the same time then C is unlocked. well is there suppost to be captains calling in airstrikes and all that, cause in the beta i was getting furious that i could never do anything cause everytime i get to the objective id get killed by a camper and my team mates wouldnt even make it out of the spawn area. it was really just a snipe fest with nobody caring about the objective. i want to give this game another try but not for 60$, thats way too much for a MP only game.

FamilyGuy3185d ago

They really should release a demo of the final build

morganfell3185d ago


If there is an area where Sony failed then it is in providing a demo that more closely approximates the final game. So far I have found the game to be overwhelmingly above and beyond anything the beta indicated it was going to be.

callahan093185d ago

Check out It really expands the universe, there is so much content there. The IGN UK review complained about how the game doesn't engross you in its universe enough, well if that's something you want, then you've got to just head over to because they've got so much content on that website to engross you in the world of MAG. You can check out news broadcasts and updates, you can check on the history, you can find out about the CEOs of these PMC's, you can go to facebook and independent sites for each PMC and learn more about them. Rather than incorporate all of this onto the disc itself, they put it all on the actual world wide web, so it's more of an ARG than in-game. Maybe they could have given everybody a slick interface to get to all this WWW content within the game itself and then the reviewers would have actually checked it out and gotten into it more, but at the very least you've got access to it on your PS3's browser if you don't have any other access to a web browser, and you can really get sucked into the MAG universe through all their internet efforts.

pixelsword3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago ) gots no skillz.

Just kidding (but not really); it's called clearing the area before advancing and working as a team, not run up to the spot where I'm suppose ta' be. The fact that you came to the objective alone just proves my point. You advance as a group, you win as a group. That CoD/MW mentality will leave you dead every time.

Play SOCOM a few times and see what running around gets you.

DirtyLary3185d ago

You can't spell ignorance without IGN.

Chubear3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

So you only played sabo maps in the beta and talked all that trash about the game playing only sabo? wow. Now you understand why PS3 gamers largerly ignored the reviews and went out and bought the game?

No, you can't call in airstrikes on sabo. Sabo is a simple attack and defend mode that helps you understand more what to do on acquisition and Domination maps.

There are really no Squad leaders, Platoon leaders or OiCs in Suppresion and Sabotage modes cause they aren't really needed so their attack perks aren't used.

StanLee3185d ago

Come on man, you and I both know the game wont reach a audience large enough to foster a lasting community; and sandwich between Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 wont help. The game is kind of unforgiving and that's a good thing in that it really encourages teamwork and cohesive play but without a community, it wont be a success. By April you could bare find anyone playing Killzone 2. By March,you'll be hardpressed to find anyone not playing Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield Bad Company 2.

elpresador3185d ago also is graphically sub par compared to what we have seen, over priced, and generally underwhelming. But hey, if you like playing clusterfrack games where it looks like everyome is trying to be a monkey fracking a football, then go ahead.

Sony also failed yet again with another possible big new ip with the lack of adcertising.

Dev8 ing3185d ago

Stan Lee you don't know what you're talking about Killzone 2 had over 110 000 players over December. How do I know because that is when I got my top 1% trophy. Even SOCOM has lots of support ie people are still playing that right now and look at the launch. Point is there are always going to be people who you know enjoy gaming and will play the games that are fun regardless of what reviewers or websites say. That is the best thing about games for $10 I can rent any game and try it. Who can really trust reviewers these days ever since GTA4 came out and it turned out all the reviews were based on hype and no one actually gave a decent review. Gamefly is actually better than renting though, cheaper.

StanLee3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Dude, I'm not even going to argue with you. In April, 3 months after Killzone 2 was released, I had to set my search settings to worldwide to find a game. That's a fact and I swear that on everything. The game had no community. And I've seen many criticisms of GTAIV and it's reviews but that's the opinion of a minority on the internet who think their opinion is that of the majority, when it isn't. A better comparison should be Killzone 2 and it's reviews. It was an ugly broad in a pretty dress; generic and repetitive.

ThanatosDMC3185d ago

You're suppose to connect your PS3 online first if you have one.

"ugly broad in a pretty dress; generic and repetitive" <-- all games become like that.

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movements3185d ago

More than just 256 indeed. Nice Headline!

Dev8 ing3185d ago

What they need to do is release a video of domination mode. The intensity of it is just insane.

WildArmed3185d ago

Yeah I agree.
I think most people look at MAG and all they see is 256 players.
There are alot of things going on in the back.. calling in air support and alot of cool things that the devs took time in implementing.
Now I'm not saying the game is perfect. I think a 7-8.5 score is what it deserves.
But I think people get hung up on '256' and fail to see past it

VileAndVicious3185d ago

The mode your thinking of was sabotage, In that game mode squadleaders cant call in airstrikes and such... its really just meant as a sort for the big one (domination).

I honestly dont know why everyone is so upset that it doesnt have a singleplayer campaign. Honestly how many times did any of you play through the story of CODMW? Lol by the way it wasnt all that great. MAG is a truly good game youll be having so much fun in multiplayer you wont care about a single player mode. You guys should definitely check it out before you say its not worth the money.

Jinxstar3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

I did. I always play the whole SP campaign first in any game. MW1 I played through 3 times MW2 I played twice. It is very important to me.Check my trophy list if you want proof.

pixelsword3185d ago

The story draws me into the multiplayer more than anything; other than that, it's just two schmoes shooting it out.

Mag is different in that there is a story of sorts going on in between gameplay modes, but I still wish it had a SP mode, even a flimsy one like just about every Epic game has (face it, Epic ain't winning any awards for story for anything they've written so far, and UTIII's story was about as thin as a sheet of 1-ply generic toilet tissue).

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