Go!GamingGiant: Army of Two: The 40th Day Review

Go!GamingGiant takes a look at the recently released shooter Army of Two: The 40th Day.

"The 40th Day really makes you feel like you and your partner are a team. The campaign is every bit as good and actually is even better than the first game. I really can't stress how fun, thrilling and action packed it was and what a good time I had playing it."

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omicron0094281d ago

I wish they made a PC version of this game, it looks awesome

Murgatroyd74281d ago

I'm checking out this franchise soon, so I hope it will be better than the demo.

thegreatest78844281d ago

I gotta tell you, the first one was terrible. The one-liners were funny until it got to the point where I wanted to punch Salem and Rios in the face. The enemies were extremely generic and bland. It just didn't appeal to me. The only reason I could see why this game had even a glimmer of fun was in the coop, but even then it just wasn't that great.

RaymondM4281d ago

Hmmm, I might check this one out if you gave it a 9, but I heard the first one was ok.

LukeA4280d ago

The first game was a bit of a let down, so this will be a rental only.

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