Fallout Extreme story unveiled

The best known canceled Fallout game is Van Buren (Black Isle's Fallout 3). But another Fallout game was also in development, mixing elements of Fallout Tactics with shooter gameplay.

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Ausir3186d ago

It might seem fake at a first glance but I can assure you (with all my Fallout community reputation) that it's not.

Crimsonite3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

is that its spilt. Fallout 3 made fallout very popular and while it is a great game, it seems the old school fallout fans do not hold it in such high regards as a fallout game. Though I think its the differences between fallout 3 and the other games that causes this.

Anyway, interesting find.

CoderDunn3185d ago

Exactly. I have played all of the fallout games (even fallout: Bos, which was sh!t), and when fallout 3 was announced I let the hype get to me only to be very disappointed in the end. Don't get me wrong, Fallout 3 is a good game but it's not "Fallout". To me, it was just Oblivion with guns, slightly better dialog, and VATS.

If Fallout 3 had been the exact same game with a different title, I think I would have enjoyed it more.

djfullshred3186d ago

I'm waiting for Fallout Extreme Beach Volleyball.

YoungKingDoran3185d ago

still wishing Fallout Petz wasnt cancelled

Sniper4303185d ago

It sounds like the guy who wrote it didn't even play 3, that's the whole reason the outcasts formed, because the brotherhood became all touchy feely with the natives... Yes, I liked the outcasts more, why? XP

Ausir3185d ago

This was written at Interplay in 2000, long before Fallout 3.