Halo: Reach - 3D Art Evolved Evolved


"By now you've no doubt succumbed to the onslaught of new Halo: Reach information and imagery that's sweeping across the internet and newsstands. The first screenshots from our next game, generated from a pre-alpha build last November, have garnered a lot of attention, buzz and in some cases, furious debate. I tend to agree that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," with each of us forming our own personal opinions of what is and isn't visually pleasing. However, regardless of your personal artistic preferences between the new direction of Reach compared to that of our prior Halo games, there's no denying that with powerful new technical foundation, our incredibly talented art team is pulling out all the stops and pushing our content to brand new heights."

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Fanb0y3185d ago

"The AR in Reach actually has more polygons than an entire Marine character did in Halo"

That new 'imposter' tech must be freeing up a LOT of resources for Halo Reach.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

yeah, the polygon models got boosted by four times.
"the tools and tech have grown significantly, in some cases up to four times as many polygons and double the texture resolution, but I really feel the strength of our team has grown just as much."
these character crops look pre-rendered.
but they're actually not, if you match up the detail and weapon detail.
it matches up.


The all mighty Grunts look hella cool here!
They look like murders!

MerkinMax3185d ago

I can't wait to find out every overhaul they've done in detail.

SpartanZero3185d ago

Warthog looks so cool in Reach

peowpeow3185d ago

This kind of info gets me really hyped up :D I want Reach now!

SixZeroFour3185d ago

finally some side by side screens of the graphical improvements with each iteration

reach's models are looking awesome...cant wait for this game to come out

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