Wired: Mass Effect 2 Review

You gain an emotional connection to the characters, which pays off in spades during the game's climax. Everything comes to a head when you and your team finally take the fight to the aliens. The encounter is a doozy, one that can whittle your crew down to nothing. Few game finales feel this big, this portentous. And that's all due to how deeply the game involves you in its branching, twisting story. In Mass Effect 2, you're not just pulling the trigger, you're spinning the yarn.

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NatureOfLogic3239d ago

Good review, the best so far

Saaking3239d ago

I'd say Gamespot's review is the best. Wow, I never though I'd say that. It's a great game, but definitely not above a 9.5.

hoops3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

WE ALL knew you would say this: Its not a PS3 exclusive game...thats why LOL...You're the biggest fanboy on this site and you actually try and hide it LOL...
If it were on the PS3 you would be saying it should have got a 9.5 or 10 and the site is a joke for not giving it that score. You are too funny dude