Record of Agarest war Collector Edition Confirmed

Aksys: "Finally, it's here! What we have decided to title the "Really Naughty Limited Edition" will include the following:

•26? x 20? Yearning Ellis pillowcase (pillow not included)
•8½" x 10½" Sensual Vira-Lor mouse pad
•Record of the Agarest War Soundtrack
•Naughty Collector's Box to protect your girls"

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RayMustang3406d ago

Yeah the game maybe for pervs but Aksysgames always make great collector that arent overprice

SuicidalTendencies3406d ago

What's this game about? lol best collectors edition ever.

RayMustang3406d ago

It's a RPG and they got a system that make children with your soulmate and you can play your children for your next character

Basically, a mix of RPG and Sim-Dating

SuicidalTendencies3406d ago

That actually sounds fairly interesting. The date sim part kinda scares me off though. How many generations does it go forward?

RayMustang3406d ago

Good question, cuz I dunno
I want to get this game and I didn't look for more info on it
Spoiler ahead... yup scared to get spoil

SuicidalTendencies3406d ago

I was reading where this one guy playing is in the fifth generation and still going. That is kinda cool. Adds a ton of replayability if the story can keep being interesting. Think I'm gonna pick up this game.

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callahan093406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

This is ridiculous. First they delay the already completely localized PS3 version by 6 months so that they can launch it alongside the later-to-be-localized 360 version in America, and now they announce a collector's edition, but only for the 360 version? I'm getting really sick of this kind of stuff. They'd have had my money back in November if they'd just released the PS3 version when it was ready to begin with. Now after this delay AND shafting PS3 users by making us download 12 gigs while the 360 gets a collector's edition version on disc? They won't be seeing my money at all.

RayMustang3406d ago

It suck, I like to have a physical media and PS3 owners miss this great collector

And Aksysgames launched a fighter game called Battle Fantasia
It was release a couple of month ago here in North America on the X360, on a physical CD

But for the PS3 owners, know what... it's a Digital download =_=;

Kamikaze1353406d ago

As much as I'd love to get this game, there's no way I'm downloading a 12GB game. I have a lot of space, but that would take way too long. So unless it comes out as physical media, I'm avoiding it.

Araceae3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

I agree. I went from getting this day one to not getting it at all.