Halo Reach: Noble Team Performance Reports

Here is a quick rundown of the members of Noble Team.

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Fanb0y4754d ago

Maybe for the first time, lets talk about the content of this article(?). No PS3 games brought in...

Emile seriously kicks ass. I love the speculation that he is from some tribe - thus scratching the skull on his helmet comparable to face painting. Makes his character that much more interesting.

RamiHixxy4754d ago

woooooooooooooooooo POWER RANGERSS!!!!! GO GO GO

MerkinMax4754d ago

Jokes do get old you know...

EMac13514754d ago

A lot of people complain about how we know the end so the campaign won't have slot of mystery. Personally, I think the direction bungie are taking this game in is awesome. Finally we get to fight along other Spartans like in the novels. Fall of Reach was my favorite book and I'm relieved it's not copied over into this game. All these characters seem to carry their own history and personality. I can't wait to storm covenant strongholds knowing I'm not backed by a handful of useless marines.

Major Kanimo4754d ago

my brain is going to explode i havent been this pumped for a halo game since halo 2!!!!!

Kalowest4754d ago

All of the characters like good and sound cool, but why does the main pcharacter your playing with, have to look very similar to the Chief.