10 Ways to Fix Rock Band

From Terminal Gamer:

"Here is a list of 10 new ideas that Harmonix should think about implementing in RB3. I'm talking new stuff here, so having songs from RB1/RB2/DLC be exportable to RB3 is a given, as is online multiplayer and some form of career mode. I also tried to think of things that haven't been mentioned before, so as much as we all want it, you won't find "LED ZEPPELIN" anywhere on this list."

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PirateNinjaBunny4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

I had no idea it was even broken.

Looks like these are ways the game could improve, but I'd hardly say any of these would really 'fix' it. Jukebox would be nice, no pedal is available in Lego RB, and customization will come in time but really I'd like them to keep focusing on the basics/songs.