More Tekken 6 Screens

Namco Bandai reveals some new images of Tekken 6 currently schedule for a 2007 release for both Ps3 & Arcade. This new sequel introduces 6 new combatants such as Leo, Miguel and Zafina.

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SIX4797d ago

I still think they can push it further though.

twostep184797d ago

you is be right,character models look fine

but it looks like they could care less what the background/arena looks like

MADGameR4796d ago

They are'nt using an UE3 or some sort. They are using the Tekken defualt engine just like Capcom is using the default engine for DMC4.

PS360PCROCKS4796d ago

what are you guys talking about?! these look HORRIBLE!! I LOVE TEKKEN it's my favorite fighting game but these look god awful compared to DOA4 and VF5. What are you doing Namco?!

specialguest4796d ago

They need to fix the color depth. Seems to be missing the darker colors. As for the jaggies, I'm not too worried about that.

pilotpistolpete4796d ago

I actually thought the shots were pretty good looking. I think they did especially a good job with the clothing. Aren't we getting spoiled graphics wise when people say that teh screens are horrible. Granted, they are not cgi, but damn near it if you ask me.

CrazzyMan4796d ago

but yeah, some fsaa i wouldn`t mind.
details are at very high level.
well, it looks good, and will look better. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.