Developer Spotlight: Grasshopper Manufacture

Today's release of No More Heroes 2 is not only a chance to step into the foul-mouthed beam-sword-weilding shoes of Travis Touchdown, but also to reflect on the progeny of Tokyo-based Grasshopper Manufacture. Helmed by the enigmatic Suda 51 (so named because his actual first name, Goichi, means 51 in Japanese), the company is known for its wildly inventive, original, and financially risky software. Adopting the slogan "Punk's Not Dead," the company represents the rebellious, individualistic, and at times crude and violent mentality of punk music. Let's take a look at some of the developer's more memorable games.

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Grasshopper - so awesome they make your site 404.

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Yeah I dunno what's up with that, GamerGrenade's been chugging lately. Someone needs to go wind up the turnkey on the server again or something.