How Did They Do? Darksiders and Bayonetta

Raptr writes: "Games get hyped up then disappear all the time. I always wonder, "how did they do?". Decide for yourself with statistics from Raptr and other sources. On this episode of How Did They Do?: Darksiders and Bayonetta for the 360. You might be surprised by the results..."

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Sangria3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Darksiders sold more than Bayonetta? Curious.
A game that has been announced two years ago and have been very quiet until its release, with no hype, no girl (well, there's one but...), no sex, from a fresh developer studio managed to sell more than the highly hyped sexually provoking game created by Devil May Cry and Resident Evil creators?

I'm really surprised, I though the gaming community would be corrupted forever.

Rikitatsu3405d ago

Bayonetta was announced 2 years ago, was absolutely not hyped (till review scores came out).
A Japanese game with weird and niche style... of course it will sell less than Darksiders, a western game with appeal to western mainstream.

KR1ST0F3R3406d ago

i havent bought either as i am still playing my xmas gift games. will be buying both though but i am looking forward to darksiders more than bayonetta, despite the reviews. dunno if this is to do with me being a ps3er though.

GUNS N SWORDS3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

hmmm, i'll take a look into Darksiders some time. so far Ive beaten bayonetta already. it's about 20hrs long.

the game isn't really all that comical, it's always flashy that's what it is, with some comical references. you actually wont find the story to far away from the movie "Underworld".

little synopsis.
the lumen sages are the noble clan while the umbra witches are the rebels. the outline of the story is actually pretty serious. bayonetta (a witch) who slept for over 500 years has finally awoken with amnesia to realize that there's a blood feud between to two clans that existed for thousands of centuries.

your roll in the story is to put the peaces together on what chain of events sent the two clans spiraling towards their rivalry.

the two characters Rodin and Enzo are your two companions (a weapon dealer and a swindler) though they're only with you at the first few hrs and get swapped latter as the story focuses on other different people. however Rodin you do get to see more often as he is your weapons supplier.

gameplay and combat is very solid, and can be very addictive. you can equip up to 4 weapons. the weapons come in pares of two and you can have one set of weapons assigned for hands and the other set for legs. (for one tab, you get two tabs in the game.) which allow you to combine all different types of moves while fighting.