God of War III features recap of previous titles

God of War III will include a summary of Kratos' story up until the start of the game.

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Double073239d ago

Good idea.

Something like the MGS Database that was made available through the Playstation store would be great, obviously it wouldnt be as full as the MGS one but what game would be.

A Cupcake for Gabe3239d ago

Or a Movie wrap up like Shenmue 2 had for the first one. But actually in HD all cleaned up. Maybe like a 30-60minute wrap up. or something.

himdeel3239d ago

...from the first two games. It's have to be at least 5-15 minutes. I'd be okay watching this if they had an install or just as an extra on the options menu. The ability to watch all the videos in order on GOW2 was awesome.

Whitefox7893239d ago

I was thinking like MGS but in MGS 1 in the special menu you had a selection to previous operations which would have written text telling you what happened in Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

Same thing with MGS 2 only its Natasha Romankeos report on the Shadow Moses incident.

Anorexorcist3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

A sports-training, eye-gouging, head-decapitating, Ares-Pwning, chaos-bringing MONTAGE!!!

I assume this summary will also include the events of GOW: Chains of Olympus, which will make it worthy since all the GOW enthusiasts have already had some kind of summary just through playing the GOW Collection.

playstation1233239d ago

GOTY confirmed! Mass crap has nothing on this. 360 has no game ;D

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