Blu-Ray One Year Anniversary: Movie of the Year

In preparation for the Blu-ray release, Sony worked hard to ensure that the highest level of quality would be placed in consumer's hands. The video was encoded with MPEG-4 AVC, one of the first titles Sony had done with the new video codec. Audio came in the form of PCM, ensuring that nothing was compromised in the transition from movie theater to home theater. The results were nothing short of magnificent.

Armed with a blockbuster hit and a Blu-ray disc, Sony released the title to the world in March. After only two weeks on the market, Sony announced that they had shipped 100,000 units of the title, becoming the fastest selling title in high definition history. These strong sales didn't even account for the hundreds of thousands of copies which were given away for free with purchase of a PS3 in Europe and Australia...

Any guesses? Find out after the jump.

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MaximusPrime4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

after UK PS3 launch, i immediately bought many Blurays. Loving every minute of it.

I have Casino Royale and it was fantastic.
Pirate of the Caribbean, i need to buy that one. Since it is in 2nd place then it got to be awesome.