GamesRadar: Spec Ops: The Line - First look

GamesRadar writes: "Colonel Conrad was dead. He and his entire battalion of loyal soldiers stayed put in Dubai when the sandstorms rolled in, smothering the city beneath a blanket of dust hundreds of feet deep. The winds shredded skyscrapers, tossed cars into the sea, and left the city almost uninhabitable… but from the ruin comes word that Conrad still lives and is anything but the hero who stayed behind to save the city."

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JL3403d ago

This is beginning to sound like a very awesome game. It immediately grabbed my attention when I first saw it, and it seems to just be growing on me more. For one, I love the fact it's not just another generic shooter game. It's a tactical shooter which we need more of. Tactical shooters are the one that are much more appealing to me. I've always preferred SOCOM over COD and such. The only real tactical shooter I've seen this generation was Operation Flashpoint (maybe I'm forgetting one or two). And while OpFlash was fun for me, it was left very wanting in many areas. So I'm very excited to see how this game turns out.

On top of that the new information that's come out about how the environment works in this game. While I wouldn't call it revolutionary and "never been done before" (it's akin to the way that Quantum Theory works with the living environment), it is still pretty cool. And I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they were probably working on this idea before they actually knew about Quantum Theory.

Another feature that I just learned about in this preview and that I really like is the kind of RPG element they're working in there and how what you do effects the way the game progresses. That should make for an interesting game. And on top of that they say they're working really good on the story of the game? Finally a shooter game with an intriguing and compelling storyline? That would make it just all the better.