Rockstar "disappointed" by the BBFC's decision

Rockstar has issued GamesRadar with an official response to today's announcement by the BBFC that it has rejected Manhunt 2 for rating.

"We are disappointed with the recent decision by the British Board of Film Classification to refuse classification of Manhunt 2. While we respect the authority of the classification board and will abide by the rules, we emphatically disagree with this particular decision.

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gta_cb4731d ago

"We respect those who have different opinions about the horror genre and video games as a whole, but we hope they will also consider the opinions of the adult gamers for whom this product is intended."

i completely agree with R* and think that they should allow Manhunt 2 to be sold etc, i have Manhunt 1 on PS2 and i thought it was pretty cool. these games are not ment for kids thus the 18 certificate. and well as we (especially here) how want this game are 18 or over, we should be allowed to buy it, also i bet there is alot worse in films like Host then this game, and well it didnt get rejected.

oh and if you havnt, i recomend downloading/buying/renting Evil Dead1/2, evil dead 3 wasnt as good, and yeh they got the same treatement as Manhunt 2 untill recently when it was allowed to be sold.

emptiness4731d ago

i find no "beauty" in it as someone else had previously stated elsewhere but we DO live in a FREE MARKET SOCIETY and i agree that these types of games/movies should be allowed to be sold under certain restrictions...obviously, Manhunt 2 shouldn't be sold or marketed to anyone under 18...or maybe even 21 although a physical age has no merit on the actual mental age of the individual...there are plenty of 21 year olds who are incredibly immature and easily influenced.

although parents need to take more responsibility for their children and what they ingest, who is going to keep an eye on the people who are mentally/emotionally unstable and are old enough to purchase this game (like the immature 21 year olds)?

DrPirate4731d ago

Of course they are disappointed. No one likes to lose money and having their user base just cut off like that is disappointing.

If they pull Manhunt 2, they should pullevery horror movie and survival horror game from the market. Personally, I do think having Wii controls in a game like Manhunt to be a bit much, but it's meant for an adult audience and it's to everyone's personal discretion if they wish to buy the game. Like someone mentioned, free market.

XxZxX4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

I think Horror Movies and Games are different, for horror movies, you are watching it and for most, enjoy to be frighten. Games, you are actually commiting it and enjoy doing it. Different roles I guess.

FreeMonk4731d ago

This just sucks ass for the people who can't or don't know how to import games.

The UK Classification board have probably banned this just because of the whole controversay of the first Manhunt and the murder that took place.

All this will lead to is more people modding there consoles, and eithre importing or god forbid pirating a copy of Manhunt 2.

I'll be importing a copy for my PS2 from the states, but overall, I thought this would never happen in the Uk, because when it comes to movies, games and music we are way way more tolerent than the US.

You can get some TV program on Terestrial TV in the UK at 9pm at night with full blown nudity, gore and anything else remotely shocking!

Syko4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

I thought the whole point of the Board of Film Classification (note last word) was to classify films - denoting which category they belonged in. They can't actually ban it, as far as I'm aware, they can only deny it a certificate. For films, that meant that they couldn't be shown at a standard cinema, but were allowed to be shown in private clubs. Don't know how that's meant to work with games. Maybe it means they can't be sold in shops, so they'll have to buy it direct from Rockstar, with a note on the packaging saying that it remains unclassified.

Their rulings are not binding, or legally enforceable. Their own website points out:

"To this day the Board's decisions can be over-ruled by local authorities."

So if the city council say the local shops can sell Manhunt 2 then I don't see what the problem will be.

Feel free to correct me if you have proof otherwise as this is just what I gathered from reading into the situation.

No doubt this is in the slim to never gonna happen category, I was just trying to see if they actually have the power to "Ban" a game. As I know the ESRB does not have the power here in the states. So after some reading I found that technically they don't have the power, But as you say good luck finding a guy with the stones to stand up against this decision.

emptiness4731d ago

good luck in finding a city council that thinks this game will be "great" to put on the shelves...

jaydesi4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Rockstar does have the right to appeal the BBFC’s decision but it can take ages!.

if such an appeal goes ahead it's upto a committee to assess the reason for the BBFC's ban.