Gamerstek: Mass Effect 2 Review

Gamerstek: "BioWare returned to the twenty-second century, continuing the trilogy that brought the RPG genre to a whole new level. Mass Effect is back, as well as Captain Shepard..."

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VeNoM273185d ago

The most cinematic game to date! A true marvel! It's simply epic in every way...

Crimsonite3185d ago

This game is really getting universal acclaim from pretty much all the sites. Sounds like it might be a serious contender to be one of the best games to come this year.

Heartbroken-Menace3185d ago

The only games that compete against it are God of War 3 and Halo:Reach(if it's good). However, who knows what's in store for the other half of 2010, but currently ME2 has set a high benchmark.

Rush3185d ago

Dude less of the ME2 setting the benchmark or your going to have a MAG (Massive Angry Gangbang) of Sony fans telling you U2 did xD