BioWare pleased with ME2 reception


"BioWare has announced that it's very pleased with the reception that Mass Effect 2 has received so far, and because of this, we thought it would be a good time to round-up all the posts on the game from the last couple of days."

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Myst3186d ago

And Nuri is pleased with Mass Effect 2 ^___^.

Damn me and my signing up of classes that go well into the night, I want to play some more :(.

Bigpappy3186d ago

The french prefer the first. They think Bioware removed too much to speed up combat. These guys gave the game a 7/10 because Bioware changed the formula. I guess you can please everybody.

LtSkittles3186d ago

Good for them, I am sure it's a great game with all of the good reviews it's getting.

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