Is this the end for Guitar Hero?

Guitar Hero - a game loved by many consumers. Rock Band - a game that could change all that, and tear people away from their former videogame beau. For this gig, Harmonix has hooked up with Fender, and this gorgeous Stratocaster controller is the result. But what's best is the extra few buttons - perched way up on the neck, in the high notes, where most of Jimi Hendrix's mind-blowing concerts would have taken place.

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FreeMonk4733d ago

Sounds great, but it just means that anyone who has bought Guitar Hero 2 with the Guitar now has to buy another Guitar to play Rock Band.


Syko4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

No the Xplorer guitar is fully compatible with RockBand. It just wont have the smaller solo buttons on the neck. While I would like to have this version you dont "have" to buy another guitar.


No if you read about them, these buttons are for "Solos". These buttons do the same thing as the top 5 buttons however they are smaller and easier to do HO's and PO's for the crazy solos on expert. At least that is how it is being told as of now, you are right it could change and become "Necessary" for full effect as more details emerge.

FreeMonk4733d ago

I'm guessing you'll lose some of the gameplay if you take those high 5 notes out though.

It'll be ok to play with the normal guitar, but I think that if you want the full guitar experience of Rock Band, you'll have to buy the new controller.

Anyway, it depends on the tracks in Rock Band if it sells well or not. If GH3 has better tracks than Rock Band, people may stick with the norm, or it could be the other way around!

icechai4733d ago

Guitar Hero will not die because of Rock Band. There will be a ton of people who opt out of Rock Band due to the pricing of having to buy all the instruments, many will just stick with Guitar Hero or whatever Wii stuff they come up with.