Brutal Darkness Screens

Next week, PS3 gamers are finally going to get (shock!) a real game. 2K Games is releasing The Darkness to the Americas next week (the European version appears to have been delayed a month). PS3Fanboy received a batch of new screenshots from the game, showcasing some of its brutal, gory gameplay.

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Dlacy13g4236d ago

I think it has great potential. Hopefully this game will shine just as bright on all the platforms...and the gameplay will be solid on each as well.

This could be a nice Summer play if its as good as the hype suggests.

boi4236d ago

if i rememebr rite theres goin to b a movie on this...where did i read it from...anyways looks kool

MK_Red4236d ago

Kool bloody screens. A bit vapire looking. Hope its as good as Riddick.

original seed4236d ago

i loved it soo much. I also hope its as good. I've been waiting for this.

MoonDust4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

Bloody good :)

THAMMER14236d ago

Nice!! I think this game is going to give us more than we are currently expecting.

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The story is too old to be commented.