The Potential of Cosmic Walker

In October of 2008, Nintendo showed off a compilation video of numerous Wii exclusive titles set to hit Japan in 2009. Among those games were titles such as Sin and Punishment 2, Dynamic Slash (known as Zangeki no REGINLEIV) and Cosmic Walker. The first of which, Sin and Punishment 2, has already been released in Japan and is hitting NA and EU shelves in early 2010. Zangeki no REGINLEIV was recently released in Japan with a special black casing -- showing Nintendo's support for the mature title, and a possible localization in other regions. The last of the three mentioned games, Cosmic Walker, has been shrouded with much mystery since its initial trailer and general tidbits of info.

With the very little amount of information known about Cosmic Walker, many different speculations can be made about the gameplay of this space set action-adventure title. There are two different ways Cosmic Walker can go -- both equally great: an exploration sim taking place in the Milky Way, or the tale of an epic adventure set in space.

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