Gaming Shogun: Mass Efffect 2 Review

GS writes: "Playing through BioWare's 2007 action-RPG, Mass Effect, I was amazed at how drawn into the story I was - an entire universe opening up before my eyes as I, along with the help of my very diverse crew, defeated a rogue Spectre named Saren along with an ancient and incredibly powerful sentient machine bent on destroying all life in the galaxy. Originally released on the Xbox 360, it was followed up a year later with a PC version featuring an overhauled UI. The PC version was equally incredible and when I heard that Mass Effect 2 would be released simultaneously on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms, geek fireworks went off as I polished up my mouse and keyboard for the coming adventure. Now it's here - Mass Effect 2 for the PC, and it is amazing."

The Good: Masterful storytelling, massive amount of choices, no elevator pauses, and enhanced combat.
The Bad: Lack of weapons, big reveal a bit corny.

Summary: Hot off the heels of BioWare's amazing Dragon Age: Origins comes their incredible follow-up to the 2007 action-RPG, Mass Effect, aptly named Mass Effect 2. Find out just how amazing this game is, After the Break!

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