Future of the Metal Gear Series: Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and Beyond

Gameguru reports:

On a bright sunny day I as I hopped and skipped around like a girl in Pink Tutu's with my copy of Kojima's master piece (MGS), never did it strike my mind that someday I would be sitting and speculating the future direction of the revered series.

The game born to take on action junkies head-on transformed many lives, for they learned to explore and experience an ambience that defied all norms of action gameplay, Metal Gear was the first game that required players to use the tact of avoidance instead of the routine run and gun gameplay techniques.

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predator4734d ago

i wonder what he was going on about the 360 exclusive version for 2010?

anyways good read

DiabloRising4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

How is this news? This is nothing but a wishlist it seems. Sure, anything is possible, but I want Kojima to be allowed to take some time off and work on OTHER things. MGS4 needs to end this storyline. Come back to MGS in like 8 years with a fresh story/universe and new characters, don't go all DBGT on us and ruin a good thing Konami. Let Kojima go work on Snatcher or some NEW titles!

Oh I'm calm, I was just under the impression that this was a news site. I guess I missed something, my bad. My point is, I hate it when good game series are dragged out into crap. Mega Man anyone? Even MPO was dangerously close to being poo.

boi4734d ago

lol chill...

anyways MGS4 will properly be the last anyways...

ash_divine4734d ago

I totally agree about the wishlist part

Close_Second4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

The MGS franchise never appealed to me. Bunch of cut scenes linked together with a little gameplay. Very much a rental only title. This is definitely one game that could have stayed a PS exclusive in my opinion.

@boi - really? and I thought they were making the game exclusively for me.

@scotti2521 - I care because I would rather see Konami develop some new and exciting titles for the 360 and not churn out another edition of an aging franchise. And as for your comment - wow, that was really worth reading as well now wasn't it.

boi4734d ago

it mite not appeal to u but it appeals to alot of other people

MikeGdaGod4734d ago

if u dont care, why even comment. u clearly dont have anything worth saying.

MikeGdaGod4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

double post

Firewire4734d ago

another xbot with a wish list!
simply pathetic. what the hell is he talking about space for?
he wants to turn MGS into another uber Halo crap! pathetic xbots!
you can tell hes an xbot just because he knows nothing of the MGS history & lore, just like all these little bots here.

keep dreaming bots! thats all you'll ever have! dreams!

boi4734d ago

lol i think to much Star Trek...

tehcellownu4734d ago

mgs4 AGAIN..and he mention the but wishful thinking!!

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