3 Reasons MAG Isn't for Everyone


"So, MAG released today. And there have been quite a lot of negative and positive things said about the enormous online shooter. A lot of those things, being negative - and for the wrong reasons. I'm not saying you're supposed to love MAG, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I do believe you should consider a few things if you're planning on purchasing the game. These are my 3 reasons MAG isn't for everyone."

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blitz06233186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Exactly. Halo, MW2 and KZ2 are all easy games and gamers expect MAG to be similar when it shouldn't be and isn't for the right reasons. That's why most people did not enjoy the BETA. That's why bots call it a flop and don't want it.

gijsbrecht3186d ago

That's a first. Usually I read that people hate it because it's so damn' difficult to aim and such. Mmmh, it looks like KZ2 is becoming mainstream. Who would've thought.

blitz06233186d ago

Idk, I started slow on that game but currently I'm averaging 2kdr but not overall. It could be just me, but MW2 and Halo are definitely easier IMO.

Foliage3186d ago

1) The 360 can't handle this, or a comparable game, thus 360 fanboys can't play it, since their moms will not buy them another console. MAG isn't for 360 fans.
2) This requires Skill. MAG isn't for 360 or Wii fans.
3) This doesn't have colourful pink "gay" weapons that will appeal to the xbox live crowd. MAG isn't for 360, and especially not Halo fans.

SB_tanker3186d ago

that the main reason would that it's online only?

thorstein3186d ago

It is a tacticle FPS/Rpg. It plays like one and is a ton of fun when thought of that way.

You WILL DIE if you don't play as a team.

randomwiz3186d ago

whats wrong with being online only? most multiplayer shooters have mediocre single players. *cough* MW2 *cough* Specs ops was pretty fun though.

Myst3186d ago

That is true it isn't for everyone, when I played the beta I had one heck of a time getting used to everything. I was pretty much shot at least five times, with only two kills tacked onto my name. I'll probably get it down the line as I enjoyed the game a bit. Probably going to buy another headset before then though as this game seems to scream: "Play with Headset!" or "Get a headset!"

cpuchess3186d ago

I knew it wasn't for me after playing the beta so I didn't get it. I have no interest in playing squad based games, lack of offline sucks, the graphics looked bad in comparison to other shooters. If other folks like it good for them, I know I don't want it.

Shendow3186d ago

Looks bad? Guessing you are talking about the beta? Yeah it looks alot better an runs better, team work my not be for everyone but then again 360 users say they got alot of that on XBL.

I been haven't fun playing the full game an the way skills are setup now is nice an I had no problem jumping into this game my first time, the controls feel almost like MW2 and that kind of helps you be use to the controls alittle.

A most buy game if you can handle working with other people, you can do things on your own, I do it all the time. I take out something and my team can move on, I do solo off and on.

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