God of War III to last 15-20 hours depending on the difficulty

PSUni writes: "Previous reports have only said that God of War III will be over 10 hours long, but now we understand that the PlayStation 3 game will possibly stretch to double that depending on the difficulty."

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GR8 13405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Yeah me it's still 10HRS. The developers own words 10HRS game-play now this is Sony and Sony Sites trying to save face.

swiftshot933405d ago

If you can find me a quote where the developers say that the game is only 10 hours long, I will leave this site for good.

Pennywise3405d ago

Trust you over a dev... OKAY!

Karooo3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

They said OVER 10 hours great way to miss it fanboys great way to concentrate on only the 10 part.

you xbots are getting lame.

blitz06233405d ago

So? Uncharted lasted 10 hours too, but those were 10 hours to remember, oh and yeah it won GotY too. On that note, what DO you remember about Halo 3 besides playing Power Rangers with guns? Nothing else? Thought so

damnightmare3405d ago

Halo ODST and MW2 were 4-5 hours MAX

Ten bucks says you haven't even played either previous God of War games either.

randomwiz3405d ago

no the developer's own words were
"10 is longer, but not considerably longer"

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Omega43405d ago

The last two games were 6-8 hours so if GOW3 is a similar time wouldnt it also be 6-8 hours or am i reading the quote wrong.

swiftshot933405d ago

You're either trolling and failing, or you were just REALLY damn good at GOWII. GOWII took me 17 hours to beat.

snipermk03405d ago

I think he's talking about the previous two "COMBINED".

Omega43405d ago


Im not that great but i know the game was shorter than most and you obviously couldnt be trying that hard if it took you 17 hours.

No he isnt or he would have said. Seems to me like the author misunderstood what was said.

nskinnear3405d ago

15-20 hours is straight out of Sitg's mouth:

"It’s a difficult question to answer right now because we are still “testing” and may change, but I imagine it would last about the same time that lasted for the previous two chapters (15 to 20 hours depending on difficulty level)."

Pennywise3405d ago

It says 15-20 hours. Do you need more help deciphering that?

Raf1k13405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

I don't remember either GoW1 or 2 being less than 10 hours on normal difficulty. You might want to try playing the games first.

edit: @nskinnear, the part of a quote that's in brackets isn't quoting what he said. It's added to fill in the slight gap in information according to whoever is making the quote.

sinncross3405d ago

While I agree that Omega4 is being a little zealous claiming GOW1 and 2 to be merely a couple of hours long, I do understand his point.

The quote from the director could be taken 2 ways, and clearly Omega4 took it as meaning that each gow took 15-20 hours so Gow3 does as well. His concern came from that fact that each GOW clearly does not long quite as long as that (unless you're taking your time which is no problem) so he though GOW3 would actually be slightly shorter.

That said, GOW3 will be epic.

techie3405d ago

GOWI took me 10 hours. GOWII took me 13 hours. GOWIII is meant to be in I expect 12 hours. Not 15-20...but hey, it's good they've got plenty of content.

Major_Tom3405d ago

Seeing as this is the last of Kratos I would assume this is accurate.

anh_duong3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

OMEGA4 a troll?? omega4 trolling ps3 posts??? really.. who would have thought.. /s

Bilbo653405d ago

Gow 1/2 took me 10 hrs each pretty good length but most of the time when dev/reviewers say the games length im under by like 2 hrs seems like they always say its longer than it is.

swiftshot933405d ago

Well, yes, I did take my time. But I dont think it would have made a large difference. The game normally takes about 12-15 hours to beat on normal, and Omega is exaggerating by saying GOWII was 6-8.

Perkel3405d ago

still i wonder if there will be okami long game :) 50h of awasome gameplay :)

Somnipotent3405d ago

some puzzles take about 5-10 minutes to figure out and then about 20 tries to get it done right... 8-6hrs? you suck at lying.

StanLee3405d ago

There is no way God of War II took you 17 hours? What was so difficult that it took you 17 hours?!

Obama3405d ago

GOW2 took me 13 hours and I can't remember how long is GOW. Omega4 may want to play both games first before commenting on how long they last.

mrv3213405d ago

The last two games were 6-8 hours so if GOW3 is a similar time wouldnt it also be 6-8 hours or am i reading the quote wrong.

Halo ODST was 4-5 hours long at most... so does that mean Halo 1's playtime is 4-5 hours? Or Halo: Reaches?

NO. Because sequels only dictate the genre and thus create the broad range of playtime and NOT the exact one.

So yeah. I believe it's fair for me to say EVERY halo game past and present takes 4-5 hours to complete singleplayer?

Oh and BTW you CAN complete Halo 3 in like 1 hour 15 minutes... does that make Halo 1 and 2 1 hour 15 minutes? Does that make Halo: Reach 1 hour 13 minutes

N4BmpS3405d ago

I assume that the author made a mistake some where, no problem, well it kinda is, anyway I also heard GoW I and II were short. But I'm sure III will be longer hopefully the developer isn't lying about it being 15-20hrs. since they need to wrap up Kratos's story.

ceedubya93405d ago

All kidding aside, that's about what I'd expect anyway. Game should be pretty epic! Man, March is going to be great, and yet suck at the same time with all the money spent!

bjornbear3405d ago

wow omega you really didn't enjoy the game did you? Just rushed through everything as fast as possible =P

READ. 15-20 HOURS.

sounds about right to me =D i will take my time and enjoy ever single hack and slash i dwell unto the flesh of the weak!! =3

Megaton3405d ago

GoW1 and 2 each took me 8 - 9 hours on the first playthroughs. I NEVER listen to devs when they give a time range. It's usually way off, and seems like it was aimed at nubs.

GTAIV was said to last 100 hours. I 100%'d it in 44.
MGS4 was said to last 30 hours. Took me 18 without skipping cutscenes.

Darkstorn3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

I'm as excited as anyone else for this game, but devs ALWAYS pad the running times of their games. Tim Schafer said that Brutal Legend would be a 15-hour experience, but the main campaign only took 8 hours. I think GoW III will be more like 10-12 hours, personally.

himdeel3405d ago

...and grow some chest hairs.

Redempteur3405d ago

So then you got everything , and killed every "flying rat" and did everything in the game (dates included to get 100% in 44 hours )
that's a pretty normal time IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO GO .
Had you been exploring i do think you would have spend more time in GTA4 ...

SO you cleared MGS4 in 18 W cutscenes ...but what about the other emblems ? Don't dare tell me you got every emblem in such a short time ..

My point is this ... : Everyone play differently but unless you're some kind of god ... you'll never be off by more than a couple of hours ..

So there are 4 possibilities :
- either you rush your games 100%( like a god player ) and thus don't enjoy them
- either you rush your games and thus have missed quite a lot of things to do ( or you don't try to enjoy them by using faqs to complete them )
- either your perception of time is different from the rest of the people
-or either you're lying ..

randomwiz3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Its just impossible to spend 6-8 hours on gow2. Maybe on very easy its possible(if you know all the puzzles and exactly where to go)
but dont take my word for it:

It took me 16 hours to finish god of war 2 on hard(i kept dying) with all challenges completed. I have to add that in part of those 16 hours i tried 2 hours of Titan mode until i gave up. TITAN mode is impossible!!

I fully expect this game to be around the same time as god of war 2 (10-15 hours)for completion but trophies, highest difficulty setting and more challenges will extend it to greater than 20 hours of playtime for me.

GVON3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Said it last week,i've been gaming for 20 odd years and I feel dirty if I don't start on the hardest difficulty.So I know this will eat up time.

regarding the first comment.

I've only played 2,but if you die and reload a checkpoint it wont record time played until the next save.So I may play 6 hours,then die for 2 hours against a boss and give in.When I load again it says 6 hours,despite the fact I played 2 hours on top.
So you never get an accurate time stamp.

sikbeta3405d ago


Pal, there are more Difficulty Modes than [MORTAL] lol


Awesome news, 15-20 Hours of Amazing Single Player Experience instead of a 5-6 hours co-op game like is usual nowadays


nycredude3405d ago

There is no way you beat gow 1 and 2 for the first time in 6 hours. I've recently beaten them again (collection) and the first took about 9.5 and the second about 12 hours. Anyone who beat it in 6 hours is either lying or god of gaming. In Omega4's case, being the ________ that everyone here knows he is, and the fact that he doesn't really play games and just trolls, I have to say it is the former.

fusionboxer3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

First one took me just over 15 hours and I was rushing to beat a friend who was also playing it. Needless to say I lost by 5 minutes.

For those of you saying you beat it in 6-8 are probably talking about your best times and even then I doubt it.

Funny thing was that during the closing sections of the game I wished I hadn't rushed so much. I should have went back and actually played it. You know walk around more to explore every nook and cranny.

Danja3405d ago

Anyone who says they finished GOW 2 is 6-8hrs is lying on first play through .... Considering you already knew all the puzzles and didn't die once ....

Took me 10 hrs on the first GOW
And a little over 15 hrs on GOW 2

I expect GOW3 to be a bit longer than its predecessors , this game is gonna be amazing so either way .....

Megaton3405d ago

@1.24 - They never said anything about getting all emblems in MGS4. They said it would take 30 hours to playthrough, and I did plenty of exploring. Beat that damn game a dozen times, got it down to 3 and a half hours on normal towards the end without cut scenes. Also, the only stuff I used a guide for in GTAIV was the flying rats and jumps. Everything else I found on my own. 100% REQUIRES you to explore outside the main quest.

To all the other skeptics thinking it's impossible to beat GoW2 under 10 hours (lol): I bought the game when it launched, booked it back to my house, popped it into my PS2, and didn't flinch until it was complete. Took a little under 9 hours. Multiple playthroughs after the initial one were as short as 6.

Redempteur3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

i got 100% in gta 4 that's why i argued ...

and the times they said where for to get everything ( in both GTA4 and MGS4)

but in GTA4 you cheated so of course you would spend less time in it ...

Megaton3405d ago

So you're saying they meant it would take 30 hours to get all the emblems? Cause that's ridiculous. Even after my 12+ playthroughs, I didn't get all the emblems. They said it would take 30 hours to play through the game, not anything about emblems.

Ravage273405d ago

i often feel that pacing and content are more important than game length. Case in point - Darksiders. It took me slightly more than 17 hours to get 90% of the trophies (minus those you have to grind for) on apocalytic difficulty yet i would have preferred if they have kept it under 15. There's just isn't enough content to be stretched out over 17hrs and it gets really repetitive. It also left me with no desire to play a second time.

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techie3405d ago

Raf1k1: that's possible...but I've had a look at the interview, and it's not entirely clear. It's included in Stig's quotation.

Raf1k13405d ago

It usually isn't very clear which is why people have to fill in the gaps themselves according to what they think the person being interviewed actually means.

The problem with that is that it's what the interviewer thinks the interviewee is trying to say rather than what he/she is actually saying. That's why so many people end up getting mislead so often.

Kluv3405d ago

this info saying god of war 3 is "in between" the other 2 in length. They said along time ago multiple times that it will be the longest god of war.

Roper3163405d ago

GOW did have a trophy for beating the game in under 5 hours. So yes on easy it is only a few hours long. But I would love to see someone beat it on the hardest setting in 5 hours or less.

Gamefan123405d ago

if you try to just go as fast as you can, not looking around to find all the upgrades and such ( most games ) you can beat pretty fast. There are paths in GOW1 and GOW2 that leads you to upgrades and where you have to fight guys and back track, skipping all those paths will make the game go by faster