Is Bad Company 2 the next billion dollar shooter?

R3Y GUTI3RR3Z @ Destructoid: "We live in the post Modern Warfare 2 era. Having a title like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 make headlines with it's record breaking billion dollar sales, it had me thinking about the industry's reaction, especially Karl Magnus Troedsson, executive producer on Battlefield: Bad Company 2."

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FangBlade3188d ago

This is how you make a game. with PASSION!

qface643188d ago

i doubt they would take notes they could make a big pile of $hit and people would still buy it and praise it like crazy

oh wait...

anyways from what i hear they won't be doing the next COD

Darkeyes3188d ago

I just hope they don't ditch the single player like MW2 did.. I want long single player games and not a game which lasts 4 hours. As much as I like longevity with multi-player, Single player is the heart and soul of the game for me.. Please Dice give me a good and decent length single player mode and I am sold.

As far as the game making a Billion $, well I doubt it. Firstly, the game isn't coming out during a holiday season or has a huge name behind it like COD does. Secondly, it's cramped between heavy weights like GOW3 and FF13 (on PS3) and ME2 on 360 which can be bad for business. It's great to see PS3 have more pre-orders, but still I predict GOW3 heavily outselling it and hurting sales at least on the PS3 side.

Motion3187d ago

They have put alot of work into the single player, and I believe they have stated its over 10hours long.

tdrules3188d ago

as AWESOME as this game will be its not COD in name so will simply not hit a billion
It could be a 10/10 across the board but it won't make a billion.
But who cares, I'm not an EA shareholder, I'll play the game on my clan's server and it'll be a LOT better than MW2

movements3188d ago

Maybe, maybe not... We'll have to wait and see..

yoghurt3188d ago

Hopefully this will make people think twice before jumping on the COD band wagon this year - for me, BFBC betas COD in every way.

Gran Touring3187d ago

Billion dollar shooter, not too sure about that. Although I'm sure a plethora of PC fps gamers will be picking it up, following many's disdain for the pc version of MW2.

But I believe the series' true return to fame, as some will agree with me, is when Battlefield 3 is released.

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