Gamer Limit Review: Dark Void

On paper, Dark Void sounds like an absolutely fantastic mix of different gameplay styles and ideas that should be a unique and fun experience. It boldly melds Gears of War's cover-and-shoot gunplay with The Rocketeer inspired mid-air combat in a package that allows you to immediately go from one to the other with the push of a button.

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Fullish3406d ago

Sucks to be this game.

themizarkshow3406d ago

I guess I'll have to get my jetpack needs elsewhere...

SilverDragon19793406d ago

This is just such a disappointment. I had such high hopes for this game!

thedoctor3406d ago

Dark Void is like the nerdy guy who has such great ideas for snagging the hot chick... then fails miserably.

TheGameLlama3406d ago

Looks like someone pushed this game out of their "dark void."