Gameinformer: Mass Effect 2 Review

The second chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy is more of an enigma than the first, weaving enough moral ambiguity, ghost-like images, and misleading plot twists to make the writers of the TV show Lost take note. Who are the Collectors? What interest does the mysterious Illusive Man have in Commander Shepard? Where are the Reapers? Why has Cerberus come out of the shadows? Why is mankind the only species in the universe being hunted?

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LordMarius3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )


how do you get that, whats the .05 that keeps it away from a 9.7 or 9.8

kaveti66163185d ago

I don't know Marius, what keeps a game like Demon's Souls from getting a perfect 10? What keeps a game like Uncharted from getting a perfect 10?

Flaws, maybe?

jannytime3185d ago

u ever seen a Gi magazine? they rate by .25's
thats the second highest score any game can possibly get on GI besides a 10.
huge props to bioware

Polluted3185d ago

I think 9 and three quarters makes more sense than 9 and seven tenths or 9 and four fifths.

LordMarius3185d ago

thanks for the clarification
+ bubbles

Rush-Sykes3185d ago

I think MariusElijah was referring to the fact you can't put a percentage to 9.75, So its rather odd instead of giving it a 9.7 or 9.8 he wasn't trolling.

FamilyGuy3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

So it's okay for a game with only a single player campaign to have an inconclusive story? I know it's part of a trilogy but how long is the wait till you get to see the end of the story and all its loose ends tied?

I absolutely hate it when movies do this (note: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest) and it sucks in games for the same reason.

I assume this game (unlike that movie) DOES have an acceptable enough ending (not some massive cliffhanger) for it to deserve all its praise though, so no harm I guess (hopefully)

Off topic:

Does anyone else feel like the Mass Effect series would translate well into an MMO(rpg/tps)? It would be an awesome idea as far as i'm concerned.

The Maxx3185d ago

" I know it's part of a trilogy but how long is the wait till you get to see the end of the story and all its loose ends tied?"

Uh...3 since it's a "Trilogy" like you said...LOL you answered your own question.

darthv723185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

I am betting the conclusion will appear on the next xbox system. If the notion of the next gen coming in 2011/12 then it would make sense. Plus it seems to be a trend to finish off a series with the launch of a new system. Halo and God of War are both games with big first and second episodes on the same gen system.

Mass effect 3 maybe even gears 3 could be out on the 720 in 2011/12.

Saaking3185d ago


UC2 DID get a 10 with GI. Anyways, amazing score. I'm playing the game right now and so far it's awesome.

-MD-3185d ago

You can't be serious...

Sanzee3185d ago

Congratulations to Casey and the Bioware Team on crafting another stellar game.

KiRBY30003185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

bioware said ME3 will be release on the 360, try to keep up.

also, there wont be a 720 in 2012 because the world is going to explode and aztecs will take over the universe.

FamilyGuy3185d ago

" I know it's part of a trilogy but how long is the wait till you get to see the end of the story and all its loose ends tied?"

Uh...3 since it's a "Trilogy" like you said...LOL you answered your own question.
----------------------------- -----

I meant how many years/months will it be before the final game in the trilogy to be released. I thought that was OBVIOUS.

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BreakNeckSpeed3185d ago

Props to Bioware!

Fantastic score for a Fantastic game!

Lord_Ranos3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Agreed Bioware = Quality

Kotor1,Jade Empire,Balduurs Gate,Dragon Age and even the Sonic RPG tells the great sucess of Bioware as one of the best RPG developers in my opinion.

Also the Star Wars TOR will also show their creative and unique way to creating their games.

GiantEnemyCrab3185d ago

The 9+'s just don't stop! Major props to BioWare and MS!

Lord_Ranos3185d ago

Bioware yes but Microsoft no. Its a multiplatform.

Crimsonite3185d ago

Good job to bioware but MS didn't so sh!t so you can hop off them for a while.Anyway hopefully I can get a PC soon(stuck with a netbook right now =\ ) so I can pick this game up.

Anorexorcist3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Gee, wasn't Game Informer the same source that gave Uncharted 2 a perfect 10, yet idiots like you and DroidSmasha were claiming nothing but bias from them and from all the other review outlets?

DroidSmasha was going around to all the Mass Effect 2 review articles yesterday with comments like:

"I'm drowning in perfect scores"


"AAA. Super 10"

yet take all those same sources that gave Uncharted 2 perfect scores and that are now giving Mass Effect 2 great scores (I'm not saying that Mass Effect 2 doesn't deserve them), and all of sudden idiots like GiantEnemyCrab and DroidSmasha warm back up to them and see no reason to question the integrity of these reviews.

That is the pathetic power of the fanboy double-standard.

evrfighter3185d ago

"Bioware yes but Microsoft no. Its a multiplatform."


even though M$ doesn't profit from ME2 on the pc platform both platforms are M$'s...You would have an argument if ME2 released for 360 and say Mac.

likedamaster3185d ago

LOL. Leave little old Crab alone.

With that said, I now know exactly how to piss you fanboys off.

on topic/
Another perfect score.

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2FootYard3185d ago

Ejaculate the Plumed Serpent and get the Universe back on track.

Bobbykotickrulesz3185d ago

This game looks great. Rented it today.

Finishing the first Mass Effect and then I'm moving straight to this. My girlfriend is going to be so lonely tonight hee hee hee.

Imalwaysright3185d ago

Ms has nothing to do with the quality of Mass Effect if you want to give props give them to Bioware. This is their masterpiece.

Anorexorcist3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Imalwaysright, they don't agree with you saying that Bioware should receive all the credit for the creation of Mass Effect 2? Well that's just fanboy delusionism and stupidity on a whole different level.

It would be like if Playstation fanboys gave Sony all the credit for Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Edit: The disagrees continue, yet no valid rebuttal comes along with them. That's just delusional idiocy right there.

BTW likedamaster 3.5

A 9.75 isn't a perfect score. I'm not trying to hate on Mass Effect 2, it's just the truth.