Platform Nation: PixelJunk Shooter Review

Platform Nation writes: "PixelJunk Shooter is the fourth game in the Pixeljunk series, following PixelJunk Racers, Monsters, and Eden. The Pixeljunk games have nothing to do with each other, but still feel like they belong in the same series. The PixelJunk series are all downloadable games available on the PS3."

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WildArmed3404d ago

PJ shooter was easily my favorite game out of the series.. ofc the fact that this is the only PJ game i've actually ocmpleted helps.
The last 2, Eden n Monsters were too hard near the end so I eventually gave up.

Keep up the great work PJ. Can't wait for the Encore

Hellsvacancy3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

The older Pixel Junk games were 2-hard and Shooter was 2-easy lol

Im lookin 4-ward 2 the Encore aswell