Hugo To Return in Super Street Fighter 4?

While browsing through some screen shots of Super Street Fighter 4, I came across an image that may hint at one of the possible unannounced characters for SSF4. In the image you can see in the background that, that is indeed Third Strikes Hugo and this led me to believe that he could possibly be making his return in SSF4.

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kornbeaner3189d ago

Story fails..That screen is old news. The stage in question is the stage for Cody I believe who is a Final Fight character and that is where Hugo is originally from final fight. So that answers that, plus I'm pretty sure capcom has already said that Hugo is not a playable character he was put there because the stage is based on final fight.

mcm3189d ago

Yeah, you are so right. These so called journalist really need to research before they spread fud. Like you said, this is old news and Capcom has already said in past interviews and their Japanese blog that he is there as a easter egg, not as a playable character.

deafwing3180d ago

He is in SF IV .. you can see him in the background in this video ..

scrub to 2:11 in the video after it loads .. you can see him holding a large beam in the background .. so he is in the game .. s-10-super-street/60716?type=fl v

the article is just playing with the idea that he might be playable.